snooze day sunday

Sundays are for baking. Or eating. But maybe we can do both. Sundays are also for sleeping till your hearts content. Maybe we can do all three. Sound like a plan?


Pictured above is a sweet potato pie. this pie is really divine. it taste somewhat like a pumpkin pie but a little different. this crust is so easy to make and too simple! I’m in love with this recipe by Joy the Baker
She’s an amazing baker and I’m in love with her recipes. The pie reminds me of thanksgiving time. When there’s family around and everyone’s happy and eats till their stuffed. Thanks for reading!


pure panini perfection


Someone call me a ambulance. I need help. Ever heard of a panini? Crusty French bread with cheese on both side with whatever else you want to put inside?
The smell and sight of these beauty’s are too alluring. Their grilled to perfection until the cheese is melted.
Pictured above is a Chicken Arugula Panini with Homemade Chipotle Mayonnaise. This is just one of the many paninis I have made.
If your ever looking for a good panini recipe I would go to Shutterbean. Her paninis make me have food cravings.
I’m absolutely in love with café food and paninis fit right in there perfectly.
I hope you enjoy this recipe from Skinnytaste; (I’m in love with her blog)
Until next time, Brianna