Thursday Things


1. I’m making these ASAP.

2. I really want to try the picture one.

3. I think this post tops my meal planning post.

4. For all you Super Bowl food fans.

5. Pizza Waffles say wha?!?!

6. I do most of these but super helpful!

7. This is a fabulous idea!

8. Über excited for the Super Bowl because of this dip. totally mouthwatering!

9. Simplest, easiest, quickest, delicious oatmeal recipe there is around!

10. Waffles and pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods. These snickerdoodle waffles are no exception.

Hope your weekend is warm! Much love, Brianna.


Meal Planning 101

Have you ever been unorganized? Out of whack or confused? It’s time you got your stuff together. Today I am here to talk to you about meal planning and how I stay organized and how I find my recipes and write my grocery lists down. I hope everyone enjoys this Step by step process on becoming a better organized and great chef!


First off I like to write down things onto my grocery list that I already know I need. Such as this week I needed; Bananas, Unsalted Butter and Vanilla Extract. I use an app on the iPhone which also works with the iPad called, Paprika. It cost a little money but you can make an account and type in your grocery’s and it will categorize them for you. You could also write the items down on paper and categorize them on how your grocery store is set up.



The second step to my meal planning process would be going onto Pinterest, looking in my cookbooks or magazines to find recipes. I basically pick and choose things that sounds good and that don’t take to much time to make on a school night. Sometimes if I know we need to use something that is in the freezer, say ground beef I would make a stir-fry with it. This helps you gradually clean out your freezer or refrigerator so it won’t become super cluttery and full. I take a piece of paper and number at least eight meals. I write down what it is and what we are having with it. I don’t write a specific date down so that way I can pick and choose what we want to have each night. At the very bottom of my paper I put down the words, “This and That”, meaning extra things that I will be making that are not actual meals. For example it could be fudge of some kind. I also put where I can find the recipe at. Such as: Paprika, Cooking Light Magazine, or Pinterest. I have a special board on pinterest that I can go to, to see all the recipes at once! I’d recommend this if your a pinner like me!



Thirdly I go back and look at all of my recipes and right down the ingredients I need for each one. I tend to know what is in the refrigerator and the pantry but if you’re not so sure yourself I’d advise that you look. I basically stay organized by writing out what I need to do. Whenever my dad goes to the grocery store I clean out all of the old things in the fridge and the cabinet that are out of date or to old to eat. This helps prevent any messes and clears up space for the new food that you bought. If you’re like me you will do just about anything to stay organized. I hope this post has helped you in various ways. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things


1. A food blogger that can’t taste. Crazy right?

2. Chocolate and Peanut Butter? and breakfast combined?

3. 26 coffee things you must do before you die. Hmmmm….some of these seem pretty elaborate.

4. I am absolutely dying to see Endless Love on Valentines day. It looks like a brilliant and heart warming movie.

5. It’s been terribly cold lately……this is my go to drink.

6. A guide for beginners at scrap booking. This stuff looks professional!

7. Isn’t Emma Watson just stunning?

8. I want this camera strap, BUT it’s expensive, HELP!

9. I want this kale salad it looks divine!

10. I want this pizza on my plate right now.

Stay warm and safe! Much love, Brianna.

Restart Juice


So recently I had a idea. It involved thinking of another healthy recipe as I was sipping on my Chai Tea Latte. I have no regrets on drinking it I will admit. I shouldn’t in this case because it was made with almond milk. But!, moving on to the juice.

This juice is sweet and has the right amount of vegetables to balance it out. The thing about juicing is how expensive it gets to just make one glass of juice. I’m not much of a juice drinker myself unless I make it myself in which this case I did. I am a bit sad about the color though. I was hoping a dark green not a mucky green. But nonetheless it was still delicious. I’d suggest sipping this juice in the morning with a cute straw and a bowl of cereal and whatnot.


Restart Juice

Makes 1 serving

* 2 Carrots, ends chopped off

* 2 Apples, cut in half

* 1 Orange, peeled

* 1 C Fresh Spinach

Juice as your juicer instructions suggest and enjoy!

I hope your week is filled with productive work and just enough relaxation. Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things.


1. I need these doughnuts in my life right now.

2. I find this dish quite interesting. Quite interesting enough that I must try it.

3. I’ve lately been addicted to Gossip Girl it’s an unhealthy obsession.

4. I’ve been completely obsessed with drinking smoothies lately. Their so delicious and filling! I must try this one!

5. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day yet? Here’s a little inspiration to get you started.

6. Finishing my leftover Oreos off with this baby this weekend.

7. Are you into fashion? Creating new looks for yourself? This is the site for YOU.

8. I’ve heard and seen so many good things about this tea. A little to pricy sadly!

9. I recently got a gift card for Shutterfly. I’m excited about the possibilities of things I get to make!

10. I’m super excited for this cookbook!

Hope your Thursday & Friday are fabulous!

Much love, Brianna.

Pick Me Up Soup


Pasta is a way of life. If I didn’t have pasta I might accidentally die. So I will do just about anything to eat pasta everyday. So the other day I made this soup. I just grabbed a couple of things out of the cabinet and threw them together and this soup is what happened. It has carrots, chickpeas, macaroni and vegetable broth. So simple yet so good. If you want more veggies or a different kind of bean you can add or sub out whatever you want.


Pick Me Up Soup”

Serves 8-10

* 4 carrots, peeled and sliced

* 1/4 t cayenne pepper, or more to taste

* 1 Can Chickpeas, drained

* 2 Cans of Vegetable Broth

* 6 C Water

* 2 Vegetable Bullion Cubes

* 1 1/2 C Macaroni

1. Bring water, vegetable broth, and bullion cubes to a boil. Add in cayenne pepper.

2. Add sliced carrots, bring back to a boil.

3. Add macaroni and cook until al dente which should be 7-10 minutes.

4. Add chickpeas and let everything simmer for five minutes.

5. Turn off heat and enjoy!

This soup is great if you want something light, healthy, and easy to fix. Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things


1. This Chocolate Chai Tea Latte (I mean YUM!)

2. Society is messed up, just read this blog post.

3. This post about podcasts. I’m in love with Joy the Bakers and can’t wait to listen to some new ones!

4. You had me at nacho.

5. Two out of my crazy number of 7 shows came on for their winter premiere! (pssst…don’t watch PLL or Ravenswood if you want to be freaked out!)

6. The only reason why I look forward to today is because of this dinner that I made last night. SO GOOD.

7. Have you heard of the girl group Little Mix? You may have but I’d seriously suggest you go grab some earbuds and listen to them. READY, SET, GO!

8. Great guide for juicing!

9. Totally thinking about doing this. If i do I need to pull up my socks and get my game on! Or I could update my self-portrait challenge. Hmmmmm…

10. These need to be on my weekend baking list.

By the way, I made my own overnight oats today! Recipe will be on the blog soon!

Much love, Brianna!