Thursday Things


1. This Chocolate Chai Tea Latte (I mean YUM!)

2. Society is messed up, just read this blog post.

3. This post about podcasts. I’m in love with Joy the Bakers and can’t wait to listen to some new ones!

4. You had me at nacho.

5. Two out of my crazy number of 7 shows came on for their winter premiere! (pssst…don’t watch PLL or Ravenswood if you want to be freaked out!)

6. The only reason why I look forward to today is because of this dinner that I made last night. SO GOOD.

7. Have you heard of the girl group Little Mix? You may have but I’d seriously suggest you go grab some earbuds and listen to them. READY, SET, GO!

8. Great guide for juicing!

9. Totally thinking about doing this. If i do I need to pull up my socks and get my game on! Or I could update my self-portrait challenge. Hmmmmm…

10. These need to be on my weekend baking list.

By the way, I made my own overnight oats today! Recipe will be on the blog soon!

Much love, Brianna!


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