Restart Juice


So recently I had a idea. It involved thinking of another healthy recipe as I was sipping on my Chai Tea Latte. I have no regrets on drinking it I will admit. I shouldn’t in this case because it was made with almond milk. But!, moving on to the juice.

This juice is sweet and has the right amount of vegetables to balance it out. The thing about juicing is how expensive it gets to just make one glass of juice. I’m not much of a juice drinker myself unless I make it myself in which this case I did. I am a bit sad about the color though. I was hoping a dark green not a mucky green. But nonetheless it was still delicious. I’d suggest sipping this juice in the morning with a cute straw and a bowl of cereal and whatnot.


Restart Juice

Makes 1 serving

* 2 Carrots, ends chopped off

* 2 Apples, cut in half

* 1 Orange, peeled

* 1 C Fresh Spinach

Juice as your juicer instructions suggest and enjoy!

I hope your week is filled with productive work and just enough relaxation. Much love, Brianna.


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