Thursday Things (Bloggers Edition)


 Thursday Things favorite bloggers edition.

1. How Sweet It Is, I am absolutely in love with her writing style! 

2. Shutterbean, Love her pictures and her cute son!

3. Joy the Baker, She bakes, and has great humor! 

4. Sallys Baking Addiction, The greatest baked goods around! 

5. Skinnytaste, Great healthy but delish dishes! 

6. A Beautiful Mess, Crafts, Food, Photography and more! 

7. Minimalist Baker, Not a lot of ingredients but tasty! 

8. Two Peas & Their Pod, A Variety of recipes and yummy!

9. Gimme Some Oven, Style, Food, Reads, and Life! 

10. The Pioneer Woman, An Oklahoman and a great T.V. show!

 Hope you love these blogs as much as I do! Stay hungry and curious. Much love, Brianna.


Current Reads


So today I am talking about reading. You can love the word or hate it all at once. Whether it’s reading that chapter in your history book or reading you favorite magazine you either love or hate it. Here’s a little scoop on this post: (I went to publish it this morning and it turns out its completely gone. all of it. *poof!*, gone.)


The Sprouted Kitchen

  This cookbook has inspired me to eat whole foods. Despite the chocolate and tootsie pops that are harbored in either corner of my room. I have reread and reread this book since I received it at Christmas. I am in LOVE. Go check out their website for more recipes!


Dewy: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

    This book makes me want a cat. Which is saying something because I do not like cats at all. No sir ree bob. This story is very inspiring about getting through hard times and it mostly goes to the cat. He’s playful and caring and perfect all the way around. A great read for all you cat lovers and non cat lovers!


Living Out Loud

  This book isn’t excatly a book per say but it does inspire you when you are feeling uninspired. When you need to be creative pop out this book and you are sure to be inspired! It has various activities and games and fuels you to be creative. Keri Smith has outdone herself this time. A great book for the uninspired!

IMG_7034 1,033 Reasons to Smile

  I have been guilty of not smiling a lot. Like A LOT, A LOT. School tends to do that to me. It makes me irritable. But this book has got me to look at the little things in life and smile. Whether your having a bad day or you just need some cheering up I would read this book. A great book to admire things in life or just to put a smile on your face.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about my current reads! Much love a second time, Brianna.

Thursday Things


1. These macarons are on my baking bucket list.

2. All you list lovers will FREAK OUT!

3. 10 minute Hot Fudge Sauce, oh baby.

4. I’m certainly looking forward to making this pasta dish.

5. Vegan Thin Mints?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

6. A typical day in my favorite bloggers life.

7. Homeade STRAWBERRY Almond Milk!!!

8. Definitely making this cake for my Birthday.

9. 5 Minute Hot Coco, *swoon*.

10. Theranting and raving about Stichfix…..

Enjoy the rest of your week and take time to admire the little things! Much love, Brianna.


Finding Inspiration




1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.

Inspiration is an aspiring part of our lives that we live each and every day. Where would we be without it? Would you have drawn that beautiful painting? Written that poem? What clothes would we wear? Would we even have clothes? There are so many things that revolve around inspiration. Everything literally revolves around that simple word.

What inspires you? It could be that book you read last week or that movie you saw. It could be your favorite food or nature. Your husband or wife? Think a moment on what inspires you and jot it down. Writing things out inspires me.

Where does inspiration come from? It can simply come from anything that you see. It depends on the person and what appeals to them. I love writing lists, taking photos, cooking, reading, sometimes reading a book. How did your favorite book or movie come into existence? Inspiration.



How to document your inspiration; Write it down, draw it out, capture it with your camera, flip through magazines, listen to music. One of my favorite ways is to pin it on Pinterest. Pinterest is basically like a huge inspiration board. I specifically have a board labeled, ‘inspiration’. I pin anything and everything that inspires me. It helps me to write blog posts, to become creative in my photography, to become a better writer.


What motivates you? What keeps you going? What inspires you?

Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things (Valentine’s Edition)


1. 36 Valentine’s Dessert Recipes for you sweetheart.

2. Heart Clutch DIY! Too cute!

3. Adorable Heart Pouches. (great for change!)

4. My valentine to all of you….yes YOU!

5. This makes me want a fake fireplace in my room.

6. Just what I need and, Netflix of course.

7. Melted Crayon Hearts…have my heart this valentine’s!

8. This movie is on my MUST WATCH list.

9. Come over to my house, this par-taay is happening.

10. Valentine’s Dinner ideas, YUM!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day with their lovers or by themselves. Just remember that I LOVE YOU ALL so much. Much love, Brianna.

Beautiful Things


 So today I am here to talk about body care products that I have been loving as of recently. Lotions, makeup, lip balm, etc. I have many favorites and how these may not work for you they work for me. So stay tuned friends and listen to me gushing about these wonderful products. 


EOS Lip Balm


 This lip balm has saved by lips since the day I bought it. I don’t usually carry lip balm around or at all use it. But I am here to say that I love the scent and how moisturizing it is. I can’t wait to run out of this Sweet Mint one to try a new one!

Our Moment Perfume


Where do I began with this product?! Oh right…the fact that I love One Direction makes me love the perfume. If they came out with a scent called, “Skunk Spray”, I’d probably love that too. But nonetheless this perfume smells heavenly!

O’Keeffes for Healthy Feet


This foot cream has saved my life as well. It has been a hard winter here in Oklahoma and my skin tends to dry out very easily. I use these cream on my feet and hands. It doesn’t have a smell which might be a plus considering most of the time these things do not smell good at all. I defiantly would recommend this product!


Twisted Peppermint Lotion 


I am in love with this product. No if, buts, or no’s about it. It smells exactly like a candy cane but smells warm and inviting at the same time. Bath and Body Works has defiantly outdone their-selves on this one. 

Clean&Clear Scrub and Clean&Clear Acne Treatment


Both of these products have done wonders for my face. I use both of them everyday and the scrub to take of my makeup at night. I have very oily skin being a teenager and the oil absorbing treatment works great. If you have non-oily skin I would advise not to use either of these products. They have dried out my skin some but they still do the job fabulously. 

Covergirl Clean Foundation


I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I have tried many different foundations. Some of them are to heavy some to light. As of now I’m into less makeup. This foundation covers up blemishes that I have and I just brush the clean pressed powder on to go with it! Easy, quick, simple and light!

 My ranting and raving about these products is complete for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading and will take some of my recommendations and try them out for yourself. Much love, Brianna. 

Thursday Things


1. The only reason why I watched the Super Bowl is because of this funny commercial and this heartwarming one.

2. I want this bread, and I want it now!!

3. Such a cute idea, never thought of this before!

4. 7 Reasons Why You Should Totally Become A Vegetarian.

5. Loving these tips for iPhoneography!

6. Will be making this with all of the snow coming in!

7. A definite must try if your an artist!

8. Cherry Vanilla Hot Chocolate, yum…..?

9. This is extremely adorable but slightly expensive.

10. Absolutely in love with these posters on this site.

Stay safe and bundle up! It’s chilly out there! Much love, Brianna.