Beautiful Things


 So today I am here to talk about body care products that I have been loving as of recently. Lotions, makeup, lip balm, etc. I have many favorites and how these may not work for you they work for me. So stay tuned friends and listen to me gushing about these wonderful products. 


EOS Lip Balm


 This lip balm has saved by lips since the day I bought it. I don’t usually carry lip balm around or at all use it. But I am here to say that I love the scent and how moisturizing it is. I can’t wait to run out of this Sweet Mint one to try a new one!

Our Moment Perfume


Where do I began with this product?! Oh right…the fact that I love One Direction makes me love the perfume. If they came out with a scent called, “Skunk Spray”, I’d probably love that too. But nonetheless this perfume smells heavenly!

O’Keeffes for Healthy Feet


This foot cream has saved my life as well. It has been a hard winter here in Oklahoma and my skin tends to dry out very easily. I use these cream on my feet and hands. It doesn’t have a smell which might be a plus considering most of the time these things do not smell good at all. I defiantly would recommend this product!


Twisted Peppermint Lotion 


I am in love with this product. No if, buts, or no’s about it. It smells exactly like a candy cane but smells warm and inviting at the same time. Bath and Body Works has defiantly outdone their-selves on this one. 

Clean&Clear Scrub and Clean&Clear Acne Treatment


Both of these products have done wonders for my face. I use both of them everyday and the scrub to take of my makeup at night. I have very oily skin being a teenager and the oil absorbing treatment works great. If you have non-oily skin I would advise not to use either of these products. They have dried out my skin some but they still do the job fabulously. 

Covergirl Clean Foundation


I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I have tried many different foundations. Some of them are to heavy some to light. As of now I’m into less makeup. This foundation covers up blemishes that I have and I just brush the clean pressed powder on to go with it! Easy, quick, simple and light!

 My ranting and raving about these products is complete for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading and will take some of my recommendations and try them out for yourself. Much love, Brianna. 


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