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So today I am talking about reading. You can love the word or hate it all at once. Whether it’s reading that chapter in your history book or reading you favorite magazine you either love or hate it. Here’s a little scoop on this post: (I went to publish it this morning and it turns out its completely gone. all of it. *poof!*, gone.)


The Sprouted Kitchen

  This cookbook has inspired me to eat whole foods. Despite the chocolate and tootsie pops that are harbored in either corner of my room. I have reread and reread this book since I received it at Christmas. I am in LOVE. Go check out their website for more recipes!


Dewy: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

    This book makes me want a cat. Which is saying something because I do not like cats at all. No sir ree bob. This story is very inspiring about getting through hard times and it mostly goes to the cat. He’s playful and caring and perfect all the way around. A great read for all you cat lovers and non cat lovers!


Living Out Loud

  This book isn’t excatly a book per say but it does inspire you when you are feeling uninspired. When you need to be creative pop out this book and you are sure to be inspired! It has various activities and games and fuels you to be creative. Keri Smith has outdone herself this time. A great book for the uninspired!

IMG_7034 1,033 Reasons to Smile

  I have been guilty of not smiling a lot. Like A LOT, A LOT. School tends to do that to me. It makes me irritable. But this book has got me to look at the little things in life and smile. Whether your having a bad day or you just need some cheering up I would read this book. A great book to admire things in life or just to put a smile on your face.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about my current reads! Much love a second time, Brianna.


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