Apple Butter Smoothie

 I’m a crazy lunatic for doing this. I went there on this smoothie. I put apple butter in it. Yes sir-ree bob I did. Do regrets on my part. No remorse at all either. I loved every second of it.


 This recipe was inspired by How Sweet It Is, Apple Butter Milkshake. It sounded fantastic but I wanted it somewhat….healthier? Not that I wouldn’t mind downing down ice cream with that cinnamon apple butter.

 Only 3 ingredients. That’s all you need folks. Keep it simple people, keep it simple. So smooth and creamy and the spices…oh the spices…this smoothie is decadent even with 3 ingredients!


Apple Butter Smoothie

inspired by How Sweet It Is Apple Butter Milkshake

Serves One

 * 1 1/2 Bananas, frozen and sliced

 * 1/2 C Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

 * 4 T Apple Butter (I used this recipe)

1. Slice bananas into coins and throw into the blender.

2. Add almond milk and blend until smooth.

3. Add in your apple butter and pour into a jar or pretty cup.


 A little extra Apple Butter wouldn’t hurt, now would it?

Much love, Brianna.


Finally Fifteen


PicMonkey Collage


This post was hard to name. I first agreed on freaky fifteen (that doesn’t sound to good, does it?),amazingly fifteen (that sounds to corny), crazy fifteen (i’m not crazy am I?), groovy fifteen (am I a hippie or something?), and then I finally settled on; Finally Fifteen.

I’m finally fifteen. I guess you could say I feel different. I’ll get a permit this year. I’ll start driving (watch out!). I will look into a job.

I made a wonderful, fantastic birthday cake. 4 steps but oh so worth it. I made this caramel sauce. I made up the frosting recipe myself. Everything else is from this recipe.

Look at this gorgeous baby.

Look at this gorgeous baby.

My birthday breakfast was AH-mazing! I used this frosting recipe and I made these Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls.

I might of ate the whole pan. shhhhh

I might of ate the whole pan. shhhhh

I went to Target as a late birthday present. I am in love and obsessed with that place. (obsessed is an understatement). I also went to Whole Foods and got dairy free Cookies n’ Cream ice cream (YUM). I am getting used to this fifteen business I guess you could say.

Birthday Outfit!

Birthday Outfit!

I’m also loving my infinity scarf collection. I bought a red polka dotted one and I received the one I’m wearing as a birthday gift.

Oh cake...YOUR SO FUNNY!


Until that Sweet Sixteen…Much love, Brianna.

Breakfast Potato Hash

I’m one of those crazy people who LOVE their breakfast. I don’t care what it is but it usually needs to involve coffee and something sweet. In this case it was savory. I love my occasional eggs don’t get me wrong but there’s just something about eating that bagel or oatmeal in the morning that I love.


I whipped up this recipe on a snowy Sunday with whatever we had in the vegetable bin and cabinet. I was going to add eggs to it but there was so much in it already that I could’ve used 3 dozen eggs! It’s warm and somewhat comforting and the cayenne pepper adds the perfect kick to it!


Breakfast Potato Hash

Serves 8-10

* Red Bell Pepper, chopped

* Yellow Bell Pepper, chopped

* 3 cloves of Garlic, minced

* Onion, chopped

* 1 Bag Small Golden Potatoes, sliced

* 16oz Black Beans, drained

* 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

* 1 Tbs Olive Oil

* 20 tortillas, warmed

toppings (optional): ketchup, salsa, hot sauce

1. Chop all peppers, onions and slice the potatoes.

2. Heat skillet with olive oil in it to medium heat.

3. Throw in all chopped veggies, garlic, onion and potatoes.

4. Cook for 15-20 minutes until tender. Throw in that cayenne!

5. Serve with warmed tortillas and the toppings of your choice!


Gobble, gobble, gobble! Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things


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Super thankful for the life God has blessed me with. Enjoy your spring break! Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things


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Have a wonderful weekend! Much love, Brianna.

In My Heart

  I knew a man who was a godly example to everyone around him. He had a smile that you would just smile with him. His laugh would make you laugh. He cared about you and everyone whether they believed in God or not. This man I knew was my uncle. This Sunday my uncle passed away while trying to help someone. There had been a car crash due to the weather conditions and he had gone out to help them. There was a bus who came up on him and hit him, he died instantly. This man died trying to care and save another persons life. He was that kind of person. 


  I have some memories of times with him but defiantly not enough memories. I remember Thanksgiving with him and my aunt. I remember him joking about how he would need to run off that extra piece of pie. Oh how he loved dessert. On Thanksgiving you could catch him sneaking one last extra piece of pie in or that rich Milky Way Cake that my grandma makes every year. He loved to share God’s word with everyone around him and he brought joy to anyone who came into contact with him. He was so supportive when I ran cross country. Every time my dad would post a picture of me running I would soon later see his comment. “How’d you do?, Keep Running! Great job, I’m proud of you!”. It would make me feel great and smile every time I would see it. I remember going to church with them once and he preached a lesson. I was young at the time and don’t remember what it was about but he touched many people’s life’s doing the job that he did. 

 This tragedy has a made me realize how short life is and that you shouldn’t take it for granted. You should be thankful for every breath that you take and every moment that you are alive and well. Don’t take life for granted, live every second of it. 

 My uncle was a great man. He should never be forgotten. Correction, he will never be forgotten. Family and friends will still remember his in days to come because of the outlook he had on life and his loving, caring, funny spirit and soul that he had. He is in a better place and his pain is no more. Please remember my aunt and family in your prayers is this time of sorrow. Much love, Briana. 


 In loving memory of Rodney James Carroll (1952-2014)


February Self-Portrait Challenge


Wow. February has already come to a close my friends. It’s sad to think that there are only 10 months left in this year already. BUT!, I am super ecstatic for my birthday this month and sooo ready for spring break! Here’s my February Self-Portrait Challenge in review, Happy March!

Week One:








Week Two:








Week Three:








Week Four:








Much love, Brianna.