Finally Fifteen


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This post was hard to name. I first agreed on freaky fifteen (that doesn’t sound to good, does it?),amazingly fifteen (that sounds to corny), crazy fifteen (i’m not crazy am I?), groovy fifteen (am I a hippie or something?), and then I finally settled on; Finally Fifteen.

I’m finally fifteen. I guess you could say I feel different. I’ll get a permit this year. I’ll start driving (watch out!). I will look into a job.

I made a wonderful, fantastic birthday cake. 4 steps but oh so worth it. I made this caramel sauce. I made up the frosting recipe myself. Everything else is from this recipe.

Look at this gorgeous baby.

Look at this gorgeous baby.

My birthday breakfast was AH-mazing! I used this frosting recipe and I made these Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls.

I might of ate the whole pan. shhhhh

I might of ate the whole pan. shhhhh

I went to Target as a late birthday present. I am in love and obsessed with that place. (obsessed is an understatement). I also went to Whole Foods and got dairy free Cookies n’ Cream ice cream (YUM). I am getting used to this fifteen business I guess you could say.

Birthday Outfit!

Birthday Outfit!

I’m also loving my infinity scarf collection. I bought a red polka dotted one and I received the one I’m wearing as a birthday gift.

Oh cake...YOUR SO FUNNY!


Until that Sweet Sixteen…Much love, Brianna.


2 thoughts on “Finally Fifteen

  1. Michelle says:

    I want to title your blog- Already Fifteen! Time has gone by so fast. I have enjoyed these fifteen years with you! You are a wonderful daughter that is so talented! I love you!

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