The Sister I Never Had


I once had a sister, who wasn’t really sister but more of a really, really close best friend (who is still a sister). She made me laugh and listened to all of my problems. She gave me advice and challenged me to do better. She was one of those, ONE people who I trust and admire greatly.

This headband is called a chicken, literally.

This headband is called a chicken, literally.

But why am I talking about this person in past tense? She IS, all these things and more and here I am to show you pictures (you’ve been warned!), and tell you our story. I have prepared you, so decide to read now or forever hold your peace.

This might be embarrassing, okay a lot.

This might be embarrassing, okay a lot.

Why did I just show you these…welp. I just realized that I put the same photo twice (there was a lighting strike and well…you get the picture). So this girl I’ve been talking about…you don’t even know her name. How silly of me!

Her name might be Taelor Starr Garner. Born as a gift to be on June 22, 1999. You might think I am exaggerating quite a bit but I am not in the least bit. Sooooo….I would say me and this girl have had a good and bad past.

I’ve known her since Kindergarten but we didn’t exactly associate until late sixth grade then full on in seventh and eighth grade. Then…guess what?! She parted from me in ninth grade…moving to a different high school.

One of those bittersweet pictures...

One of those bittersweet pictures…

Eighth grade was a great year for us, but there were parts I won’t reveal to you that were a little shaky but everyone has those parts in life and it makes the bond even stronger and better.

I wish high school hadn’t of separated us but I’m trying to face facts, it is what it is. Distance won’t hurt us, I’m hoping it’ll make things stronger, and better. We go through life thinking distance can be a bad thing, but it can be good. I’m not here to say it’s easy or how great it really is but it makes you test how you can form new friendships without your friend.

PicMonkey Collage

Did I mention we used to do a fitness blog together? Back when I didn’t have any experience blogging…a little embarrassing but great to see how far we both have come in our writing. You can check it out  here. 

This girl is my sister and my rock. I don’t talk to her as often as I should but even without those words between us we just know that we are here, we will be here. I’ve made a lifelong best friend, sister, a for sure laughing buddy, and so much more. Thank you Taelor for your friendship to me and everything that you have done for me. I love you (as the post keeps saying)!

Much love, Brianna.


2 thoughts on “The Sister I Never Had

  1. This literally made me cry in class. I love you so much! You’re my sister no matter what! You’re the best friend I could ever ask for and even with our ups and downs we’ve made it through and we have come out stronger! Thank you for always being there!

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