Summer Bucketlist


So summer is almost here my friends and guess who is very excited?! Me!! I’ve always seen bucketlists but I’ve never done one for the summertime. So sit back and think of what you want to accomplish this summer and write a list of your own and share it with me!

  1. Get a tan.
  2. Run every morning.
  3. Tie dye.
  4. Bake something in season.
  5. Go camping.
  6. Read.
  7. Draw.
  8. Create a Spa Day.
  9. Have a baking date with a friend (you know who you are)
  10. Learn how to drive.
  11. Make a Dream Catcher Necklace. 
  12. Try new hairstyles.
  13. Get 10,000 steps on my Fitbit, everyday.
  14. Go shopping with friends.
  15. Improve on my photography.
  16. Go vegan for a week.
  17. Blog, blog, blog!
  18. Make a DIY camera bag. 
  19. Swim.
  20. Finish my Wreck This Journal.

Much love, Brianna.


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