A Day in the Life of Me

I’m here to blog about a day in the life of….ME! Oh so interesting….and fun! Who am I kidding, I’m here to bore you with the details of my daily life in the summer….so enjoy!


And….were off! Lets get the coffee brewing…and yes you spy Girl Scout Samoa Creamer

Next step is fueling my body with delicious food…Getting my breakfast on.

I came up with this and it taste pretty darn good; Egg Mustard Cheddar Greens Sandwich.

After eating I cleaned up my room but I’ll leave those pictures alone for now…so here are the behind the scenes of my pie shooting.



I made the Sour Cherry Pie from Bon Appetit and it is oh so delicious.


Yoga for Lower Back Pain was next considering I have been having the worst back pain for two days now. (I’m falling apart!!!)

20140528-213006-77406034.jpgLunch time!! Leftover Old Bay Pizza with Carrots and Ranch on these gorgeous Bobby Flay plates we recently purchased.


So a workout is an essential part of my day and today’s workout was HIIT Day (High Intensity Interval Training) from Casey Ho. She works you GOOD.

Because you totally wanted to see what I looked like after my workout.

In honor of Maya Angelou today.

I totally had a period of time where I just lounged around and ate a HUGE bowl of air popped popcorn and watched Star Trek. (judge me not)

Dinner time at last! Tomato Basil Pasta with a side salad.

So there you have it folks….a little sneak peak into my life. Nothing special at all but just routine. What do you do if you don’t work or have a day off? Let me know! Much love, Brianna.


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