Thursday Things


1. How to make Cold Brew Coffee the right way (seriously need this in my life).

2. Anyone out there a TFIOS fan? I need this ring! Okay? Okay.

3. I would sit in this every. single. day. maybe even sleep in it?

4. She just tortures me with her food…White Pizza Pull Apart Bread? Is this even legal?!?!

5. I giggled uncontrollably while reading this…is that wrong?

6. This makes me want to do Yoga…

7. An analyzation of your use of emojis! Intresting!

8. Because we all could use more Mac and Cheese  in our lives.

9. 21 facts your didn’t know about Pitch Perfect (they need a sequel!).

10. I just like to watch cooking happening without the talking or explaining of the food. It’s truly beautiful! 

I hope everyone’s summer is going great and I’ll see you next time! Much love, Brianna.


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