Vacation Recap


Hola friends! So last week my family and I took a vacation. We drove through Texas then we headed to New Mexico then…..Durango, Colorado! My ears were popping let me tell you. It was so pretty and not as hot as Oklahoma. So first off we had to get some lunch. I mean you gotta eat right?

Lemon Rucola Pizza at Fired Up Pizzeria (super yum!)
We explored the town for a little while then headed to our beautiful condo at Durango Mountain Resort. The view was breathtaking and we ate dinner at Purguy’s in the resort.

Quinoa Burger with Onion Rings. (didn’t fall apart and was delicious!)

The next day was a longgg day of hiking at the beautiful Ice Lake trail. We hiked over 5 miles and about 2,000 feet up in elevation. It was super hard and we took tons of breaks because of the altitude. But the view was totally worth it. Breathtaking.

Dinner was not very noteworthy in my opinion so no photograph in this case. (It was BBQ)

On Tuesday we went to Mesa Verde were the Anasazi Indians built their homes inside the cliff dwellings. It was very interesting to hear the culture and see how the place has survived. We toured Cliff Palace which is the biggest community that was built. To get out we had to climb out on this ladder that was pretty high up but we survived. (thankfully)


For dinner we ate in the Mesa Verde Park at Far View Terrace. It was a buffet and I wasn’t expecting much but it was actually really really amazing!

Mesa Veggie Panini with Homemade Kettle Chips.

On Wednesday we went to a Clay Room (a clay class to be exact) and we worked with clay and the potters wheel for an hour and a half. Later that day we went out on a Jeep into San Juan National Forest and explored it was pretty fun (minus the wind).


Later we ate at Grassburger which has all grass fed beef and it was pretty cheap. We order sweet potato fries and regular French fries.

Black Bean Burger with all the goods.

Thursday was kinda of a dud day but I did zip line at the resort!

(i’m freaking out here!!!)

Friday was our last day and the Fourth of July! We enjoyed a cool day and a hike at Coalbank Pass it was so beautiful. We ate dinner at James Ranch everything was soooo good and came from the farm. It was called Harvest Grill and Greens.

Inside Outside Cheese Melt on Focaccia Bread with homemade cheese with black current jelly and fresh salad greens.

Then we enjoyed the fireworks on the college campus overlooking the town!

So that is that and here a few pictures from the week that I’ve decided to share. (feel oh so lucky!)






(that’s snow FYI)

Much love, Brianna.


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