Thursday Things


1. I couldn’t stop laughing! (bad timing; I had my wisdom teeth out and it hurt to laugh.)

2. If you love Friends you’ll definitely appreciate this.

3. 25 ways to treat yourself better. I LOVE THIS!

4. Looking at my old tumblr makes me happy/sad/laugh.

5. 5 ways to de clutter your bedroom. (I do this everyday even when I don’t need to…or at least I think I don’t)

6. Getting this top to go with my coral high waisted bikini bottoms. LOVE!

7. This is crazy cool.

8. Because the Super Bowl is this Sunday.

9. These biscuits look like HEAVEN!

10. Inspiring words on clothes.

Has you January been cold/warm? It’s been abnormally warm here in Oklahoma. Much love, Brianna.


Capturing You (Sonnet)


So recently I wrote some poems for a class and I really favor one that I wrote so I posted it here. I hope you enjoy!

Capturing You
How can your beauty be captured?
I will hatch a plan to make you mine
Your soul has become tortured
And now your soul has become mine

Your golden hair shines like the sun
Smiling, you light up a room
Your eyes look like my mum’s
Arms, that smell of perfume

You only know me as your friend
But I’m your captor don’t get me wrong
You say you’ll love me till the very end
The end is near it won’t be long

Your beauty has finally been captured
in a jar that I keep in a hole that’s deep within my soul.

Depending on how you read this it can be really sweet or really creepy. I view it in both ways, let me know what you think of the poem!

Much love, Brianna

Thursday Things

1. 15 Things Not to do in 2015.

2. Ten Ways to beat Winter Blues….I REALLY need this right now!

3. In LOVE with this article….inspired.

4. Peppermint Mocha Latte..(peppermint is not out of season, EVER!)

5. Super excited for the Minimalist Baker cookbook!

6. If you watch White Collar then you will LOVE this. (even if you don’t watch it you will still LOVE it).

7. Because I stress out ALL the time.

8. I wonder if wearing these hurts??

9. Little kids that have style. This absolutely KILLS me.

10. All of these places are BREATHTAKING.

Much love, Brianna.

2015 Focus Word; Simplicity

I’m jumping on the focus word bandwagon. But hey, it’s not a bad bandwagon. It’s inspired and it makes me happy *insert smiley face emoji here*.

• the quality or condition of being plan or natural.
• a thing that is plain, natural, or easy to understand.

So in 2015 what does “Simplicity” mean to me? My thoughts on how this word will improve my life drastically.

For Hipstercooker~

Last year I took a long break on Hipstercooker. I was lacking inspiration and variety in my posts (or at least I felt like this). I wasn’t enjoying writing or what I was writing about. So this year I am going to TRY to keep all of my posts clean and simple. Minimalistic. For instance, I am going to have a theme for blog posts for each month except for this month. I’ll stick to my theme and keep it simple but fun and easy to write about!

I also want to post more about food and the recipes I make or even try. In the month of June I plan to have a month devoted to Oatmeal. Because I am a crazy person that obsesses over oatmeal! But I’m keeping the ingredients as simple as possible and easiest as possible.

For me, myself and I~

In my life I feel like I don’t tend to keep things very simple, or I overthink something that is super simple and it causes it to be very hard. I want to keep my life uncluttered and simple. I am going to try to do this by taking simple pictures, make the recipes simple but not using all the complicated ingredients listed (unless they ARE needed in order to make the recipe good).

I am going to think and live simple and try new things. Basically I am going to not be as stressed and not be so hard on myself. So basically simple is better. Not as stressful and easy to do. What is your focus word for 2015?
Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things


1. How to take life slowly….I really need this.

2. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate…..there are absolutely no words for this.

3. Live Original…currently reading this and LOVING it!

4. The 3rd one on this list though…..

5. The one way to my heart…THIS TOFFEE.

6. If you LOVE Home Alone…you NEED this shirt.

7. This post makes me want to food prep….organization is my soft spot.

8. Peppermint Pretzel Marshmallow Fudge….how is this possible?!?!?!

9. My family recently subscribed to this app…so many books!!!!!

10. How are you living your January?

Much love, Brianna.

Meeting Joy the Baker


Meeting Joy the Baker was such a joy!…(look a me trying to be funny). Really though…it was a joy. So this is how the story goes…..on a Thursday in November of 2014 me and my Madre drove to Tulsa and went to see Joy the Baker bake a pie. The pie was a Pumpkin Pie with a Praline Topping and Homemade Buttermilk Crust from her new cookbook Homemade Decadence.

She talked about ex boyfriends and why cake pops are even a thing…(I mean who smashes cake into balls and puts frosting on it?!?!) She talked about her career started and how she taught herself how to bake. She went into great detail about the perfect pie crust….and let me tell you I was engrossed.


After she cooked we waited in a line and got her new cookbook signed! Plus my older cookbook of hers. She was a sweetheart and I was literally shaking as she signed my cookbook and took a picture with me. BUT, it was pretty much the greatest night of my life and the very next day I made the pie AND another recipe from her cookbook. I think I’m obsessed…but I have no shame.


Much love, Brianna.