Meeting Joy the Baker


Meeting Joy the Baker was such a joy!…(look a me trying to be funny). Really though…it was a joy. So this is how the story goes…..on a Thursday in November of 2014 me and my Madre drove to Tulsa and went to see Joy the Baker bake a pie. The pie was a Pumpkin Pie with a Praline Topping and Homemade Buttermilk Crust from her new cookbook Homemade Decadence.

She talked about ex boyfriends and why cake pops are even a thing…(I mean who smashes cake into balls and puts frosting on it?!?!) She talked about her career started and how she taught herself how to bake. She went into great detail about the perfect pie crust….and let me tell you I was engrossed.


After she cooked we waited in a line and got her new cookbook signed! Plus my older cookbook of hers. She was a sweetheart and I was literally shaking as she signed my cookbook and took a picture with me. BUT, it was pretty much the greatest night of my life and the very next day I made the pie AND another recipe from her cookbook. I think I’m obsessed…but I have no shame.


Much love, Brianna.


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