2015 Focus Word; Simplicity

I’m jumping on the focus word bandwagon. But hey, it’s not a bad bandwagon. It’s inspired and it makes me happy *insert smiley face emoji here*.

• the quality or condition of being plan or natural.
• a thing that is plain, natural, or easy to understand.

So in 2015 what does “Simplicity” mean to me? My thoughts on how this word will improve my life drastically.

For Hipstercooker~

Last year I took a long break on Hipstercooker. I was lacking inspiration and variety in my posts (or at least I felt like this). I wasn’t enjoying writing or what I was writing about. So this year I am going to TRY to keep all of my posts clean and simple. Minimalistic. For instance, I am going to have a theme for blog posts for each month except for this month. I’ll stick to my theme and keep it simple but fun and easy to write about!

I also want to post more about food and the recipes I make or even try. In the month of June I plan to have a month devoted to Oatmeal. Because I am a crazy person that obsesses over oatmeal! But I’m keeping the ingredients as simple as possible and easiest as possible.

For me, myself and I~

In my life I feel like I don’t tend to keep things very simple, or I overthink something that is super simple and it causes it to be very hard. I want to keep my life uncluttered and simple. I am going to try to do this by taking simple pictures, make the recipes simple but not using all the complicated ingredients listed (unless they ARE needed in order to make the recipe good).

I am going to think and live simple and try new things. Basically I am going to not be as stressed and not be so hard on myself. So basically simple is better. Not as stressful and easy to do. What is your focus word for 2015?
Much love, Brianna.


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