Capturing You (Sonnet)


So recently I wrote some poems for a class and I really favor one that I wrote so I posted it here. I hope you enjoy!

Capturing You
How can your beauty be captured?
I will hatch a plan to make you mine
Your soul has become tortured
And now your soul has become mine

Your golden hair shines like the sun
Smiling, you light up a room
Your eyes look like my mum’s
Arms, that smell of perfume

You only know me as your friend
But I’m your captor don’t get me wrong
You say you’ll love me till the very end
The end is near it won’t be long

Your beauty has finally been captured
in a jar that I keep in a hole that’s deep within my soul.

Depending on how you read this it can be really sweet or really creepy. I view it in both ways, let me know what you think of the poem!

Much love, Brianna


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