Thursday Things


1. I couldn’t stop laughing! (bad timing; I had my wisdom teeth out and it hurt to laugh.)

2. If you love Friends you’ll definitely appreciate this.

3. 25 ways to treat yourself better. I LOVE THIS!

4. Looking at my old tumblr makes me happy/sad/laugh.

5. 5 ways to de clutter your bedroom. (I do this everyday even when I don’t need to…or at least I think I don’t)

6. Getting this top to go with my coral high waisted bikini bottoms. LOVE!

7. This is crazy cool.

8. Because the Super Bowl is this Sunday.

9. These biscuits look like HEAVEN!

10. Inspiring words on clothes.

Has you January been cold/warm? It’s been abnormally warm here in Oklahoma. Much love, Brianna.


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