Festivities in Arkansas

About a week ago my family and I took a day trip to Bentonville, Arkansas. We went to bike and to check out the Crystal Bridges Musuem of American Art. The day was a blast and admission to get into the musuem is free. Why you might ask? There is a HUGE Walmart Corporation in Bentonville, Arkansas and the musuem is one of the ways Walmart gives back to the community. 

We decided to go to the musuem first. We ate lunch at the resturant inside called, ‘Eleven‘. Our delicous food is posted below. From top left to bottom right: Strawberry Spinach Salad + Chicken, Shrimp Tacos, The Eleven Burger, and lastly the Salmon Salad. It was all delicous and they also had a drink station as well. There was one drink that I was itching to try but didn’t get to. It was a Peach Lavendar Smoothie, I was intruiged about how it would taste and need to make one for myself sometime soon.  They also had a cool reflecive heart that I really want to take for myself and hang in my room. (I think it’d be a little to big though…)


After lunch we explored the musuem. They had various pieces of art and some in my opinion weren’t very artsy….there was a painting and it was a HUGE painting and it was titled, ‘Orange’  and as you can guess all of it was painted orange. I laughed a little, (no offense to the artist though.)

    This tree was one of my absolute favorites. It was placed right outside of the musuem so you see it right when you arrive. 

I snapped a few pictures of my Mom and Dad infront of the, ‘Love’  word. This piece of art is more commonly known to be in the state of Illinois in the city of Chicago where many people take pictures of it everyday. Life goal of mine: Take a picture with my future pet there.. (you thought I was goingg to say husband didn’t you?)

After we left the musuem we went biking for a little while. I sadly do not haveany pictures   as it is very hard  to  take a picture while bicycling.  We stopped at a little mexican food truck for dinner and there was some very cool wall art so I just HAD to take a picture!! How is your summer going?  Sorry for the long delayed post.. I haven’t very inspired lately and this might have sparked my mojo for a little while. Much Love, Brianna.



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