New York: Day One

DISCLAIMER: I am guessing many of you are reading this blog post today since I posted it today. Ha! Well for your information this post was written yesterday on June 29th, 2015. I hope you enjoy! 

Today marked our first day in the wonderful state of New York. It was a pretty fabulous and fun packed day to say the least. I started off my morning by toasting a lovely blueberry bagel and warmed up some hot chocolate in a cute polka dot mug. I headed out on the back porch that overlooks one out of many vineyards in the area where we are staying. It was cloudy and there was a nice cool breeze, the temperature outside was about 59! 


  After we gussied up at our house we headed into the town of Watkins Glen. We had set our mind out that we would go hiking in the National Forest and see all the beautiful waterfalls. Our minds got changed very quickly….we arrived at one of the three parking lots which were full of cars and lots of people going to hike. I would say there was probably 200-300 people already there and it was only 11 o’clock! We decided to hold off and go eat some lunch and figure out what to do. 

Lunch was to be a Jerlando’s Ristornate & Pizza. We walked in very glad to find that it was not busy at all, only about two different groups of people. For an appitiezer we got Spicy Calamari. The way they made their calamari is that they fried it then coated it in Buffalo Wing Sauce and topped it with Banana Peppers. It was really crisp and had jut the right amount of spice. For our main course we ordered a Bruschetta Pizza and split it. It was pretty good as well! 

Over lunch we had discussed what we we’re going to do for the afternoon. We decided that we would bike the, ‘Catharine Valley Bike Trail’. We started off out by a boat park and a beat up car shop. We biked for a little while until we arrived back in town and we heard rushing water. We decided to follow the noise and go check it out. It ended up being a gorgeous waterfall! I was very jealous of the people who lived right in front of it, they have and amazing view and not to bad of a sound to listen to if I do say so myself! The falls was called, Shequaga Falls.

After checking out the falls we headed back on the bike trail. We biked for a long while on a gravel trail until we reached a town called Millport. Millport only has a population of 299 people! We stopped in at a shop that sold a hodge podge of artsy goods and they also had cold drinks and a few baked good to choose from. I got a Raspberry Shortbread Cookie and a Fresca. 

We headed back to the trail and biked back into Watkins Glen. The whole bike trip was about 17 miles, but we didn’t feel too worn out. 


After biking we wanted a sweet treat but decided to go ahead and eat dinner. We choose the Wildflower Café. It had lots of yummy looking opitions but I choose a delicious mussel bowl with a spicy tomato sauce with some peppers and parmesan. My brother had a mussel bowl as well but it had a basic sauce to it. It was the best meal of the day if you ask me!

 After dinner we decided to give the waterfall hiking trail another try. It was hardly busy and two of the parking lots that had been full earlier in the day were empty. Going back was completely worth it. There were so many powerful and amazing waterfalls there. The sound was amazing. It was so loud as it crashed againt the rocks and it frothed at the bottom of all the waterfalls. It was built within a canyon and over time it has become deeper. We hiked on a trail called, Gorge Trail and boy was it breathtaking! There was one point while we were hiking where we ended up being right beneath a waterfall! The pictures don’t even give any of it enough justice. It just goes to show you how amazing God is. 



After hiking 3 miles and taking in the amazing views we decided to head to one last place for the day. We went to Glen Dairy Bar where we got some sweet treats! Me, my brother, and my mom ended up ordering ice cream that had similar names and we all got the wrong ones! But it was all in good fun because they were all good.

 All in all it was a fantastic day and as I sit here typing this it is 11 o’clock at night and my brother is waiting for me to come upstairs to go to bed. So I will end here for today. Much love, Brianna. 6-29-15


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