New York: Day Seven

Hey there! Today will be my last installment to my New York vacation series. I am sad that my vacation has come to a close but happy at the same time. There’s just something about sleeping in your own bed that makes everything better….anyways…I hope you enjoy and I hope you keep reading my blog for other posts that I will try to make. 

Today we woke up EARLY. 6:30 to be exact. We wanted to get a good start to the day and have enough time to do what we wanted at Niagara and have enough time to drive to Ohio. For breakfast we polished off some donuts that we had gotten the night before. I had a jelly filled one with some yogurt….trying to be healthy whilst being unhealthy!! 

Once on the rode I watched Glee and wrote some. We made it to Buffalo around 11. I was wanting to try outthe restaurant that I had heard of that was on Diners Drive In’s and Dives but the line was long and it was a Sunday morning so they were serving brunch. Brunch is pretty popular in other states…I don’t feel like it is very popular in Oklahoma though. So we drove around and we had found a place that looked good but it was mainly delivery. So we drove around a little more and found a falafel bar. We were the only ones in the restaurant. Which was nice…but weird. I ordered an Israeli Falafel. It had hot sauce, pickled vegtables, lettuce, and the falafel. If you are wondering what in the world a falafel is……it’s basically blended chickpeas with parsley and tahini. It can be baked or fried. It also usually comes in a pita with hummus.I recommend you try it some time!! 

We were finally ready to headtowards Niagara Falls. I was super excited to see it and I wanted to see how it compared to all the other waterfalls we had seen on vacation. Let me tell you… was amazing!!!! Even from above….the water was flowing rapidly a while back even before it got to the falls. We decided to go on The Maid of the Mist and it was totally worth it. They gave us the blue panchos that you might’ve seen before and we headed to the boat. We went on the bottom which was a good choice because the top was super packed and when we got to where we were going they got soaked. 

 The ride was a lot of fun. We started off seeing the american side of the falls which I couldn’t see because I was on the other side of the boat. Then we heading to Niagara Falls which is on the Canadian side. So technically we were in Canada. We got to that side and we were stationary but it felt like we were in a crazy storm. It was so loud and hard to see. It made me feel tiny! On the way back we got a better view of the american falls and I wish the boat ride could’ve been longer. It was definitely an experience that I will not forget!

We stopped for some ice cream after our trip and I got one called Movie Time. It was popcorn flavored and it had caramel swirls and chocolate. It was super good. 

Then we were off to Ohio. Destination: Columbus. It took about five hours and during those five hours I read for my summer AP work, watched glee, played games and then ate when we stopped for dinner at Chipotle. I got a burrito bowl and it filled me up and was yum. We arrived at our hotel around 9:40 and we swam for a good while because the pool was completely empty. Then we headed up to bed and prepared ourselves for tomorrow where it’ll take FOREVER to get home. 

I am so very glad you have read all my posts. Much love, Brianna. 


New York: Day Six

Today I am pretty sad…I’m writing about our last full day in New York. It was a pretty swell day AND it was also 4th of July. We now tend to take our vacations at the end of June and into July. In my opnion I like being in other states for the 4th because I get a different experience from each. So now onto our day!

This morning was a little different. We slept in a little later and then packed up so we wouldn’t have to do it tommorow morning. I ate my leftover fish and mac and cheese from Sorge’s from last night. It was very different to have for breakfast….but I didn’t want to waste any of it + it was really good. 

Packing up done….for the most part! We headed out to eat some lunch at arestaurant about a mile away from where we were staying. The restaurant was called Stonecat Cafe. Everything they make there is local and fresh. Ourwaitress  was super friendly and you could tell she loved doing her job. I loved how they brought out a big glass jar thing so you could pour your own water. We ordered some homeade sodas; Vanilla Creamsicle and Orange Creamsicle. They were both really good! My main course was a Toasted Corn and Scallion Crêpe filled with Ricotta Cheese and fresh greens ontop. The view at the restaurant was also gorgeous. I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere!


We made our way to Ithaca for one last time. We were off yet again to see more waterfalls. The falls we saw were called Buttermilk Falls. I’m guessing they call it that because it looks like buttermilk? But in my opinion it did not look like buttermilk….which might’ve been a good thing! It was very busy considering it was a holiday. We hiked the Gorge Trail, where we got to see all the falls. That trail was only about three fourths of a mile. So after hiking that trail we kept going onto a trail called Bar Trail. But not to fear!, there were not any bears. 

Since we had a late start to the day we got done hiking by 5 so we went into Ithaca to go eat and shop…..but most of the shops were closed…..*sad face* We ate at Thai Basil which was hardly busy at all. I got pineapple fried rice which was different but really good. They added curry powder to it which was it really good! The rest of my family got Spicy Udon Noodles just with different meats!

Wanting something warm to drink and some treats for the firework show we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts. I ordered a latte with almond milk and they guy recommened that I try the Chai Tea Latte for another time. Well…my mom had to change into some warmer clothes because it was getting cooler and we were waiting for her inside. Next thing I know the guy gives me the drink he was just talking about….for free! It was super sweet and tasted like a sugar cookie. We also got 18 donuts for the price of 12! (like we needed 18 donuts…..)

For our firework watching we also needed to buy a blanket….now heres a story for you….my mom has a hydration pack that doesn’t work properly. Well last night she left it in the car ontop of the older blanket we have had that hasn’t been washed in a while. Well….I went out to the car this morning and it smlled terrible! We didn’t know the cause of the smell until about halfway through the day….so we also god febreeze and car fresheners….and it was a terrible combination! I don’t know which smell I liked better….!

We had serached online about where to see fireworks in the area. We saw some things about fireworks by a winery called Americana. We thought we were getting there pretty early…..but it was crazy. There were cars miles long parked on both sides of the road and people everywhere. We ended up parking about a half a mile away and walked to the winery. At the winery they were sort of having a big party. There was live music…a dance floor(which was super packed with people). They had local food and a store. It was all right out by the  vineyards. 

We got away from all the craziness and set up on a hill by a barn they had there. The firework  show wasn’t to start till ten. The time went by pretty fast and it wasn’t soon after ten that the first firework shot off. It was loud and it echoed. It was probably the best firework show I have seen and we were literally right below it. It lasted for about 25 minutes and they could’ve made it last longer with all the fireworks they had but they was okay,…since we wanted to go home and sleep.

 Here’s to all of the great adventures I had and to many more! Much love, Brianna. P.S. There might just be a blog post tomorrow…stay tuned to find out!

New York: Day Five

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: Hello there! I am so glad that you have decided to follow along on my New York vacation with me! I’ll be writing about our fifth day today. I hope you enjoy my lowdown on the day. This post was written about July 3rd, 2015. 

Breakfast is a thing I always enjoy no matter what it is. I am absolutely in love with breakfast foods. Today was no exception to that. If you have been reading these blog posts you will remeber that I blogged about a farmers market. When we went we got some carrot bread which we ate for breakfast this morning….and it was really good! I’m glad to have variety in my breakfast choices. 

I’m officially proclaiming this the year of waterfalls. I think so far this year I have seen 10+ that’s pretty crazy to think about!!! Today we went to another waterfall….that was very gorgeous. The falls were called Lucifer Falls. They are located on the outskirts of Ithaca. It is a 2 mile hike there and 2 miles back. It took us about 2 hours total and it was totally worth it. This waterfall was different from all the other ones we have been to. It fell at one point, then kind of was subduded because of rocks that were jutting out. My pictures aren’t the greatest because it was super sunny and it made the water really bright! All in all I enjoyed the hike….minus going up ALOT of stairs…I mean who likes stairs??

 Finshing hiking was a task winthin itself. When we finally made it to Ithaca we had decided that we would eat lunch at a place called, Waffle Frolic. But sadly it was closed for the holiday weekend. BUT!, not to fear…we found another cool place near there. They also served a waffle which I got because I really was in the mood for a waffle. The restaurant had a really cool vibe going with fake trees and wood seats and such. They also had alot of coffee options and a juice bar. I didn’t get to take advantage of those things though….I was VERY full from my yumlicous waffle. The waffle was belgian and it came with butter and local maple super. I added the blueberry raspberry sauce which was an excellent decision on my part. 

We we’re kind of iffy on what we were planning to do after lunch…..we had wanted to go to Buttermilk Falls but we had purchased tickets for glass making at The Corning Glass Museum. In the end we decided to go ahead and head up to Corning because we were pretty worn out from all the hiking we had already done. 

Once we made it to Corning we approached the museum excited of what would be inside. It was busy but it wasn’t to bad. I really enjoyedthe museum   compared to all of the othermuseums  we have been to in my lifetime. There were somany different   things to look at and everything was different in its own way. The first part we walked through felt very clean. The walls were completely white. The floor was a shade of white and they had alot of natural light coming in. It made for very pretty pictures. The glass work in there was known as contemporary art. 

 The museum was bigger than I thought it would be and we toured a couple more venues before we headed to our glass making session. We toured glass throughout history and lots of vases and things like that. All of it was beautiful.

Walking into the glass making studio…a blast of hot air was shot into our faces. It was pretty busy and we had to wait to make our items. My brother had chosen to make a glasssculpture  with the colors: red, dark blue, and dark green. I decided to make an ornament with an assortment of: yellow, orange, red, white, and dark purple. There were people there who did most of the work but your part was to blow onto the rod on the other end so that the glass would expand. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be! It was really cool to see how they do all the artwork upclose, but scary too because of how hot the glass is. It was a fun experience!

Our faces hot we walked back to the cool museum to look a little bit more of what other glass things they had. We also went to the gift shop which was HUGE! They had so many things to look at, it was crazy! I ended up getting a small ring…glass of course! 

We were pretty hungry after our excursion at the museum so we decided to go downtown in Corning and eat some dinner. We were torn between a pizza place and a Italian food place. We ended up eating at the italian food place called, Sorge’s which was a very good choice. I got their special; Broiled Seafood Stuffed Haddock with Macroni and Cheese and Corn. All of it was really good! I didn’t even finish it all there was so much of it! At the end of dinner we all split a Lemon Italian Cream Cake. It satisfied my sweet tooth very much. We also got a cannoli to go and are saving it for later. 

We walked around downtown after dinner and then headed back to our car to head back home. It was a very full packed day but I wouldn’t trade that for anything! Much love, Brianna. 

New York: Day Two


BEFORE YOU READ: This blog post was written on June 30th, 2015. Not July 1st! Okay….you may continue. 

I cannot believe that I am already writing about our second day in New York! The saying, “time flies when your having fun” is very, VERY true! My day started when I woke up and quietly went downstairs so I wouldn’t wake my brother up (we are sharing a room). Breakfast was very yummy; we had local strawberries and cherries with yogurt and granola + passion tea. It felt it was very healthy and refreshing! We didn’t choose to sit outside though because it had rained the night before and everything was still pretty wet. 

As routine goes…we all get ready and get in the car. But today we planned to head out to Seneca Falls but we also planned to make a few stops along the way. There are SO SO many wineries in the area it is absolutely crazy! I have no idea how they all stay in business! So back to our drive…..our first stop was at a Winery called, ‘Wagner’, my parents didn’t do any wine tasting there but I took a few pics (because thats what I do). 


We proceeded to our route of Seneca Falls but made another stop at a Winery called, ‘Idol Ridge’. This winery was fairly new and it had the feel of a modern cabin. Now my parents decided to do a wine tasting here, which was fine by me since I got to take lots of cool pictures (lighting inside this winery was AMAZING). In the end they decided on a wine called; Timber Lodge White. I am assuming the experience was more enjoyable for my parents then it was for me since I don’t drink wine!

  We slowly made our way to Seneca falls with another stop before. We stopped in at a goat dairy farm called, ‘Lively Run’. We tried some different goat cheese and decided to purchase a couple. They were all made fresh at the farm. The goats were funny and their utters were REALLY big! They also had some baby goats which made lots and lots of cute noises. 

  Lunch just HAD to be next! Hungry from all that driving I suppose…..! We stopped in at another winery that had a bistro as well. It was called, The Thirsty Owl Wine Company. Once we arrived our waitress took us outside to a deck that overlooked the vineyard and Seneca Lake. I ordered the Smoked Trout Sandwhich and my brother did as well. My parents also ordered very yummy looking dishes. To curb our sweet tooths we spilt a Rhubarb Crisp for dessert. It was tart but ice cream came with, so it added  the right amount of sweetness. 

  That might’ve been the last stop before we arrived in Seneca Falls….but you will never know will you?A Puzzling   thought, really. Anyways….once arriving in Seneca Falls we stopped in at the Vistor’s Center. We found some trails and such but I have another cool story for you. But you will have needed to watch the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life. SO!, apparently the movie is based off of a story that happened in Seneca Falls. The director made similar indications in the movie. Bailey’s Bridge looks almost exactly like the one in the movie. Seneca Falls is said the be, “The real Bedford Falls”. We visted the museum that told us the whole story. I enjoyed learning about the real backstory behind the movie! The town also has a festival every December and they really get into the festivities. The little girl that played, Zuzu comes back every year and partakes in the festivities. I think it would be really fun to be there to participate!

After discovering this newfound information we decided to take a walk. But it didn’t last long…….where we went walking was a wetland or something also known as a marshland. But it was mosquito haven! We swarmed to our car and fled the scence. 

So after the tragedy that had just occurred we went into the town of Geneva and went biking around Seneca Lake. The lake was gorgeous but the loop was a sad story that has not yet been completed. We only biked 7 miles total….*insert sad face here*

Dinner came next. Emile’s Resturant was a mixture of italian food and steak and such. Me and my mom split an order of Scallops in a sherry sauce with Spaghetti on the side. My dad got the ribeye, which I will not picture because honestly…it grossed me out. FYI: These food pictures do not look very appetizing because of lighting in the restaurant…but it was very good.


I don’t know if my dad is trying to make this an everyday thing….but we went and got ice cream….AGAIN! Not that I’m complaining or anything…. I got Butterd Pecan Ice Cream. My mom received Peanut Butter Twist. Orange then follows, my dad eating that. Here’s something I found funny. My brother decided to get Cookie Dough Ice Cream which is a hard ice cream…not like soft serve. He got it coated in rainbow sprinkles! He didn’t even realize it until he got his ice cream! But I think he enjoyed it anyway….   


Our bellies full and our eyes tired after our long day we stopped to watch the sunset. I love how amazing God is.  
Looking forward to all of our adventures tomorrow. Much love, Brianna. 6-30-15