New York: Day Two


BEFORE YOU READ: This blog post was written on June 30th, 2015. Not July 1st! Okay….you may continue. 

I cannot believe that I am already writing about our second day in New York! The saying, “time flies when your having fun” is very, VERY true! My day started when I woke up and quietly went downstairs so I wouldn’t wake my brother up (we are sharing a room). Breakfast was very yummy; we had local strawberries and cherries with yogurt and granola + passion tea. It felt it was very healthy and refreshing! We didn’t choose to sit outside though because it had rained the night before and everything was still pretty wet. 

As routine goes…we all get ready and get in the car. But today we planned to head out to Seneca Falls but we also planned to make a few stops along the way. There are SO SO many wineries in the area it is absolutely crazy! I have no idea how they all stay in business! So back to our drive…..our first stop was at a Winery called, ‘Wagner’, my parents didn’t do any wine tasting there but I took a few pics (because thats what I do). 


We proceeded to our route of Seneca Falls but made another stop at a Winery called, ‘Idol Ridge’. This winery was fairly new and it had the feel of a modern cabin. Now my parents decided to do a wine tasting here, which was fine by me since I got to take lots of cool pictures (lighting inside this winery was AMAZING). In the end they decided on a wine called; Timber Lodge White. I am assuming the experience was more enjoyable for my parents then it was for me since I don’t drink wine!

  We slowly made our way to Seneca falls with another stop before. We stopped in at a goat dairy farm called, ‘Lively Run’. We tried some different goat cheese and decided to purchase a couple. They were all made fresh at the farm. The goats were funny and their utters were REALLY big! They also had some baby goats which made lots and lots of cute noises. 

  Lunch just HAD to be next! Hungry from all that driving I suppose…..! We stopped in at another winery that had a bistro as well. It was called, The Thirsty Owl Wine Company. Once we arrived our waitress took us outside to a deck that overlooked the vineyard and Seneca Lake. I ordered the Smoked Trout Sandwhich and my brother did as well. My parents also ordered very yummy looking dishes. To curb our sweet tooths we spilt a Rhubarb Crisp for dessert. It was tart but ice cream came with, so it added  the right amount of sweetness. 

  That might’ve been the last stop before we arrived in Seneca Falls….but you will never know will you?A Puzzling   thought, really. Anyways….once arriving in Seneca Falls we stopped in at the Vistor’s Center. We found some trails and such but I have another cool story for you. But you will have needed to watch the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life. SO!, apparently the movie is based off of a story that happened in Seneca Falls. The director made similar indications in the movie. Bailey’s Bridge looks almost exactly like the one in the movie. Seneca Falls is said the be, “The real Bedford Falls”. We visted the museum that told us the whole story. I enjoyed learning about the real backstory behind the movie! The town also has a festival every December and they really get into the festivities. The little girl that played, Zuzu comes back every year and partakes in the festivities. I think it would be really fun to be there to participate!

After discovering this newfound information we decided to take a walk. But it didn’t last long…….where we went walking was a wetland or something also known as a marshland. But it was mosquito haven! We swarmed to our car and fled the scence. 

So after the tragedy that had just occurred we went into the town of Geneva and went biking around Seneca Lake. The lake was gorgeous but the loop was a sad story that has not yet been completed. We only biked 7 miles total….*insert sad face here*

Dinner came next. Emile’s Resturant was a mixture of italian food and steak and such. Me and my mom split an order of Scallops in a sherry sauce with Spaghetti on the side. My dad got the ribeye, which I will not picture because honestly…it grossed me out. FYI: These food pictures do not look very appetizing because of lighting in the restaurant…but it was very good.


I don’t know if my dad is trying to make this an everyday thing….but we went and got ice cream….AGAIN! Not that I’m complaining or anything…. I got Butterd Pecan Ice Cream. My mom received Peanut Butter Twist. Orange then follows, my dad eating that. Here’s something I found funny. My brother decided to get Cookie Dough Ice Cream which is a hard ice cream…not like soft serve. He got it coated in rainbow sprinkles! He didn’t even realize it until he got his ice cream! But I think he enjoyed it anyway….   


Our bellies full and our eyes tired after our long day we stopped to watch the sunset. I love how amazing God is.  
Looking forward to all of our adventures tomorrow. Much love, Brianna. 6-30-15


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