New York: Day Five

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: Hello there! I am so glad that you have decided to follow along on my New York vacation with me! I’ll be writing about our fifth day today. I hope you enjoy my lowdown on the day. This post was written about July 3rd, 2015. 

Breakfast is a thing I always enjoy no matter what it is. I am absolutely in love with breakfast foods. Today was no exception to that. If you have been reading these blog posts you will remeber that I blogged about a farmers market. When we went we got some carrot bread which we ate for breakfast this morning….and it was really good! I’m glad to have variety in my breakfast choices. 

I’m officially proclaiming this the year of waterfalls. I think so far this year I have seen 10+ that’s pretty crazy to think about!!! Today we went to another waterfall….that was very gorgeous. The falls were called Lucifer Falls. They are located on the outskirts of Ithaca. It is a 2 mile hike there and 2 miles back. It took us about 2 hours total and it was totally worth it. This waterfall was different from all the other ones we have been to. It fell at one point, then kind of was subduded because of rocks that were jutting out. My pictures aren’t the greatest because it was super sunny and it made the water really bright! All in all I enjoyed the hike….minus going up ALOT of stairs…I mean who likes stairs??

 Finshing hiking was a task winthin itself. When we finally made it to Ithaca we had decided that we would eat lunch at a place called, Waffle Frolic. But sadly it was closed for the holiday weekend. BUT!, not to fear…we found another cool place near there. They also served a waffle which I got because I really was in the mood for a waffle. The restaurant had a really cool vibe going with fake trees and wood seats and such. They also had alot of coffee options and a juice bar. I didn’t get to take advantage of those things though….I was VERY full from my yumlicous waffle. The waffle was belgian and it came with butter and local maple super. I added the blueberry raspberry sauce which was an excellent decision on my part. 

We we’re kind of iffy on what we were planning to do after lunch…..we had wanted to go to Buttermilk Falls but we had purchased tickets for glass making at The Corning Glass Museum. In the end we decided to go ahead and head up to Corning because we were pretty worn out from all the hiking we had already done. 

Once we made it to Corning we approached the museum excited of what would be inside. It was busy but it wasn’t to bad. I really enjoyedthe museum   compared to all of the othermuseums  we have been to in my lifetime. There were somany different   things to look at and everything was different in its own way. The first part we walked through felt very clean. The walls were completely white. The floor was a shade of white and they had alot of natural light coming in. It made for very pretty pictures. The glass work in there was known as contemporary art. 

 The museum was bigger than I thought it would be and we toured a couple more venues before we headed to our glass making session. We toured glass throughout history and lots of vases and things like that. All of it was beautiful.

Walking into the glass making studio…a blast of hot air was shot into our faces. It was pretty busy and we had to wait to make our items. My brother had chosen to make a glasssculpture  with the colors: red, dark blue, and dark green. I decided to make an ornament with an assortment of: yellow, orange, red, white, and dark purple. There were people there who did most of the work but your part was to blow onto the rod on the other end so that the glass would expand. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be! It was really cool to see how they do all the artwork upclose, but scary too because of how hot the glass is. It was a fun experience!

Our faces hot we walked back to the cool museum to look a little bit more of what other glass things they had. We also went to the gift shop which was HUGE! They had so many things to look at, it was crazy! I ended up getting a small ring…glass of course! 

We were pretty hungry after our excursion at the museum so we decided to go downtown in Corning and eat some dinner. We were torn between a pizza place and a Italian food place. We ended up eating at the italian food place called, Sorge’s which was a very good choice. I got their special; Broiled Seafood Stuffed Haddock with Macroni and Cheese and Corn. All of it was really good! I didn’t even finish it all there was so much of it! At the end of dinner we all split a Lemon Italian Cream Cake. It satisfied my sweet tooth very much. We also got a cannoli to go and are saving it for later. 

We walked around downtown after dinner and then headed back to our car to head back home. It was a very full packed day but I wouldn’t trade that for anything! Much love, Brianna. 


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