New York: Day Six

Today I am pretty sad…I’m writing about our last full day in New York. It was a pretty swell day AND it was also 4th of July. We now tend to take our vacations at the end of June and into July. In my opnion I like being in other states for the 4th because I get a different experience from each. So now onto our day!

This morning was a little different. We slept in a little later and then packed up so we wouldn’t have to do it tommorow morning. I ate my leftover fish and mac and cheese from Sorge’s from last night. It was very different to have for breakfast….but I didn’t want to waste any of it + it was really good. 

Packing up done….for the most part! We headed out to eat some lunch at arestaurant about a mile away from where we were staying. The restaurant was called Stonecat Cafe. Everything they make there is local and fresh. Ourwaitress  was super friendly and you could tell she loved doing her job. I loved how they brought out a big glass jar thing so you could pour your own water. We ordered some homeade sodas; Vanilla Creamsicle and Orange Creamsicle. They were both really good! My main course was a Toasted Corn and Scallion Crêpe filled with Ricotta Cheese and fresh greens ontop. The view at the restaurant was also gorgeous. I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere!


We made our way to Ithaca for one last time. We were off yet again to see more waterfalls. The falls we saw were called Buttermilk Falls. I’m guessing they call it that because it looks like buttermilk? But in my opinion it did not look like buttermilk….which might’ve been a good thing! It was very busy considering it was a holiday. We hiked the Gorge Trail, where we got to see all the falls. That trail was only about three fourths of a mile. So after hiking that trail we kept going onto a trail called Bar Trail. But not to fear!, there were not any bears. 

Since we had a late start to the day we got done hiking by 5 so we went into Ithaca to go eat and shop…..but most of the shops were closed…..*sad face* We ate at Thai Basil which was hardly busy at all. I got pineapple fried rice which was different but really good. They added curry powder to it which was it really good! The rest of my family got Spicy Udon Noodles just with different meats!

Wanting something warm to drink and some treats for the firework show we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts. I ordered a latte with almond milk and they guy recommened that I try the Chai Tea Latte for another time. Well…my mom had to change into some warmer clothes because it was getting cooler and we were waiting for her inside. Next thing I know the guy gives me the drink he was just talking about….for free! It was super sweet and tasted like a sugar cookie. We also got 18 donuts for the price of 12! (like we needed 18 donuts…..)

For our firework watching we also needed to buy a blanket….now heres a story for you….my mom has a hydration pack that doesn’t work properly. Well last night she left it in the car ontop of the older blanket we have had that hasn’t been washed in a while. Well….I went out to the car this morning and it smlled terrible! We didn’t know the cause of the smell until about halfway through the day….so we also god febreeze and car fresheners….and it was a terrible combination! I don’t know which smell I liked better….!

We had serached online about where to see fireworks in the area. We saw some things about fireworks by a winery called Americana. We thought we were getting there pretty early…..but it was crazy. There were cars miles long parked on both sides of the road and people everywhere. We ended up parking about a half a mile away and walked to the winery. At the winery they were sort of having a big party. There was live music…a dance floor(which was super packed with people). They had local food and a store. It was all right out by the  vineyards. 

We got away from all the craziness and set up on a hill by a barn they had there. The firework  show wasn’t to start till ten. The time went by pretty fast and it wasn’t soon after ten that the first firework shot off. It was loud and it echoed. It was probably the best firework show I have seen and we were literally right below it. It lasted for about 25 minutes and they could’ve made it last longer with all the fireworks they had but they was okay,…since we wanted to go home and sleep.

 Here’s to all of the great adventures I had and to many more! Much love, Brianna. P.S. There might just be a blog post tomorrow…stay tuned to find out!


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