New York: Day Seven

Hey there! Today will be my last installment to my New York vacation series. I am sad that my vacation has come to a close but happy at the same time. There’s just something about sleeping in your own bed that makes everything better….anyways…I hope you enjoy and I hope you keep reading my blog for other posts that I will try to make. 

Today we woke up EARLY. 6:30 to be exact. We wanted to get a good start to the day and have enough time to do what we wanted at Niagara and have enough time to drive to Ohio. For breakfast we polished off some donuts that we had gotten the night before. I had a jelly filled one with some yogurt….trying to be healthy whilst being unhealthy!! 

Once on the rode I watched Glee and wrote some. We made it to Buffalo around 11. I was wanting to try outthe restaurant that I had heard of that was on Diners Drive In’s and Dives but the line was long and it was a Sunday morning so they were serving brunch. Brunch is pretty popular in other states…I don’t feel like it is very popular in Oklahoma though. So we drove around and we had found a place that looked good but it was mainly delivery. So we drove around a little more and found a falafel bar. We were the only ones in the restaurant. Which was nice…but weird. I ordered an Israeli Falafel. It had hot sauce, pickled vegtables, lettuce, and the falafel. If you are wondering what in the world a falafel is……it’s basically blended chickpeas with parsley and tahini. It can be baked or fried. It also usually comes in a pita with hummus.I recommend you try it some time!! 

We were finally ready to headtowards Niagara Falls. I was super excited to see it and I wanted to see how it compared to all the other waterfalls we had seen on vacation. Let me tell you… was amazing!!!! Even from above….the water was flowing rapidly a while back even before it got to the falls. We decided to go on The Maid of the Mist and it was totally worth it. They gave us the blue panchos that you might’ve seen before and we headed to the boat. We went on the bottom which was a good choice because the top was super packed and when we got to where we were going they got soaked. 

 The ride was a lot of fun. We started off seeing the american side of the falls which I couldn’t see because I was on the other side of the boat. Then we heading to Niagara Falls which is on the Canadian side. So technically we were in Canada. We got to that side and we were stationary but it felt like we were in a crazy storm. It was so loud and hard to see. It made me feel tiny! On the way back we got a better view of the american falls and I wish the boat ride could’ve been longer. It was definitely an experience that I will not forget!

We stopped for some ice cream after our trip and I got one called Movie Time. It was popcorn flavored and it had caramel swirls and chocolate. It was super good. 

Then we were off to Ohio. Destination: Columbus. It took about five hours and during those five hours I read for my summer AP work, watched glee, played games and then ate when we stopped for dinner at Chipotle. I got a burrito bowl and it filled me up and was yum. We arrived at our hotel around 9:40 and we swam for a good while because the pool was completely empty. Then we headed up to bed and prepared ourselves for tomorrow where it’ll take FOREVER to get home. 

I am so very glad you have read all my posts. Much love, Brianna. 


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