Aloha Summer! Part 1

While this title may lead you to think I have vacationed to Hawaii you would be very mistaken. Sadly I did not vacation to Hawaii however, I did take a road trip to Oklahoma City. Doesn’t sound very exciting? Well it was, and the best part was I got to go with one of my best friends. I can easily say we say almost everything you could see. Let’s break it down.

5:20 A.M. June 4th. The alarm sounds and I am definitely not awake. At 6 o’clock I hit the road with my first stop to pick up the best friend. Around 8:30 we made it to our first destination, Cafe Kacao. Now let me tell you about this cafe. They are a Guatemalan breakfast/lunch resturant. Now I can only tell you about the french toast since that’s the only thing I’ve ever eaten there. But OMGOODNESS it is so good. The best french toast ever. We split the french toast and I got a Lavender Lodon Fog. Basically it was a tea latte. It was different but good!

If you don’t live in Oklahoma you probably don’t know about the LARGE Milk Bottle a top of an old grocery building. The bottle was built to bring the grocery more business. It’s just a classic and fun little landmark.


We then visted the OKC Bombing Memorial. For those of you who don’t know there was a bombing in 1995 at the Murrah Building. There are times; 9:01 and 9:03. 9:01 represents the innocence before the bombing and 9:03 represents the time when healing began. There is a reflection pool inbetween and out the the right side there are chairs commermorating those who died. The small chairs stand for the children and the taller ones stand for the adults. Their alligned in nine rows because of how many stories there were in the building. To the left there is the “Survivor Tree” it represents the strength of the city and how they worked to rebuild. It was really humbling to see the memorial and remember those who lost their lifes.

Bricktown was next and honestly, I was a little let down by it. It’s mainly resturants, I guess I was expecting cute little shops and such. We walked pretty much everywhere. However we did stop in a cute little shop where I bought Root Beer Cotton Candy!

Wanting to see more of downtown we headed towards the Botinaical Gardens. The outside grounds were gorgeous as well the inside. We walked around towards Cheaseapeake Energy Center where the OKC Thunder play. It was funny to see the players blown up onto the building across the street. I also took a picture with Steven Adams who I wanted to be Stache bros with but sadly I don’t have a stache and I’m not a bro.

For lunch we weren’t exactly hungry so we had “lunch” at The Marble Slab back in Bricktown. I’d never been to a Marble Slab before and it was pretty yummy and cool to experience. I picked cheescake ice cream and my toppings were: strawberries, graham crackers, and caramel. They put your ice cream on a marble slab obviously and they fold in all your toppings and put it back in the cup. It was pretty amazing to be honest.

Being pretty tired we headed to my grandparents house and chilled for awhile. We ate brickoven pizza for dinner and swam. Then it was lights out! We really packed it all in but had fun every minute. 

I’ll be sharing part 2 this Thursday so stay tuned! Much love, Brianna.



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