Smoky Mountains: Day One

This post was written about June 28th, 2016.

Location(s): OK -> AR -> Memphis, TN -> Murfreesboro, TN

While I’m well aware that Memphis is not apart of the Smoky Mountains  I couldn’t figure out what to title my series for this vacation so here you have it! (I may be running on fumes).

I started my day off bright and early getting up to exercise around 6:30. We hit the road around 8:30 after saying goodbye to my beloved Lady. (Also known as, Layds).

Sitting in the car for 5+ hours is never any fun, but let me tell you I’ve experienced worst. We COULD talk about the 22 I think it was? hour car ride to Washington D.C. but I’ll spare you the pain. The important thing is to find things to do that will keep you entertained or productive. You choose the latter. I decided to do a watercolor piece, something simple and fun. I wouldn’t however, recommend this for it can get super messy and you wouldn’t want to stain your white shirt….(which I may or may have not done).

A couple of other things that keep me busy are listing in my 52 lists project book I got for Christmas this past year, catching up on current TV shows through Dish Anywhere, or watching 100,000 episodes on Netflix(that could definitely cure your boredom depending on the show. I would either choose Glee, Friends, or One Tree Hill).

Getting hungry we pulled off into Conway, AR planning to eat at a Cracker Barrel (it’s kind of tradition). However we missed the first exit to get to town so we took the second which led us downtown where my dad spotted a place called ‘Tacos4Life‘. Also, being Taco Tuesday it was obvious we HAD to eat there. I LOVED the atmosphere and interior but most of all the TACOS. I got a Fried Chicken Taco and a Corn + Roasted Poblano Taco. Let me tell you about that Fried Chicken one though….sweet and spicy? Plus the cheese and it’s in a taco shell. I mean where can you go wrong? (the answer is nowhere).

We hit the road again for about 3 hours I think it was (I’m not good at keeping time). After those 3 hours we arrived in Memphis, Tennessee. If you’ve ever drove by Memphis you might’ve seen a really big silver pyramid. You wouldn’t guess this but it’s actually a Bass Pro! They also have lodging and a restaurant inside. You can go up to the top of the pyramid and look out and see Memphis at a bird’s-eye view. I thought I would freak out once I got to the top but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (HALLELJUIAH).

I was actually very excited to check out Memphis since I planned out what we were to do! We hit up Beale Street to see the Elvis Presley Statue. While there we saw a Elvis impersonator singing and dancing just like Elvis! It was pretty funny to see.

Originally we had planned to just go to the Civil Rights Museum but they are closed on Tuesdays, and only Tuesdays (our luck!!). We did though get to see the outside of the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. They have preserved the hotel and the two Cadillacs sitting outside are from the same day he was shot.

The ‘I Am A Man’  Mural was a must after I saw a friend most a picture on Facebook. Obviously me being me, it was right up my alley.

Dinner was next, and I also picked out the spot! Cozy Corner was featured on an episode of Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives and you can’t go to Memphis and leave without eating BBQ! I got a Cornish Hen with Coleslaw and BBQ beans. The Coleslaw was different from any other I’ve ever had. I wish I had the recipe to make it at home!

We hit the road again, and continued our trek to Murfreesboro, TN where we stayed the night. It was pretty late when we got in but with a full day of travel and a little exploring we were exhausted and it was lights out!

Make sure to stay tuned to my series; Smoky Mountains! I will be blogging about our adventures through the mountains! Much love, Brianna.


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