Smoky Mountains: Day Two

This post was written about June 29th, 2016.

Locations: Murfreesboro, TN -> Smokey Mountain National Park -> Bryson City, NC

We had great intentions to start the day off bright and early since we lost an hour somewhere in Tennessee. The alarm blared at 6:15 A.M. (not P.M. sadly), and I was not ready for the rude awakening. Breakfast was bacon, potatoes, yogurt, toast, pineapple, and coffee. My coffee cup also understood my language because it’s cozy had a camera on it.

All good intentions aside we left around 9 with a pit-stop to Walmart and a couple of other pit-stops before we got to Smokey Mountain National Park. On the way there I worked my way through Instagram, and colored in my Enchanted Forest Coloring book. I am well aware that the picture I am coloring is fall like but I LOVE fall.

If you followed along last years series: New York you may know about how we got a free drink a Dunkin’ Donuts It was 4th of July and we wanted some warm drinks to accompany us to watch the fireworks. I ordered a latte and the guy who made it also recommended the vanilla chai tea latte. “I’ll have to try it sometime,” I said. He then gave me my latte and a free chai tea latte. My dad tried it and he was hooked. So naturally he wanted to make this a tradition and get one this year! We also got doughnut holes and a star doughnut that was SUPER DUPER sweet.

Our destination was Cade’s Cove in Smokey Mountain National Park. Cade’s Cove is actually a loop that is 11 miles long and it takes you around to see cabins and mills that were built there in the 1800’s. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and sadly we didn’t get to hike.

We stopped for lunch on the loop, sort of like a picnic lunch. We had tuna with salsa and chips. I also forgot to mention that the loop is one way so it takes a little way to make your way out if there’s traffic.

It was back to the road again for about 3 1/2 hours, and I spent most of it trying not to throw up because of how curvy the road was. We took a pit-stop at the Tennessee and North Carolina border to get some fresh air and snap a few pictures. Let me tell you, that cool air is nothing compared to Oklahoma’s hot breeze in the summer!

Before our final destination we passed through the town of Cherokee, NC. Cherokee is a town on the reservation home of the Eastern Band of Cherokees. I snapped a few pictures of some painted bears that were scattered throughout the town. I loved the bear with the eagle face and all the detail it showed.

Hallelujah might have been the words I spoke on the inside when we finally arrived in Bryson City. I was STARVING and we ate at Anthony’s where I got Bruschetta with prosciutto and everyone else got HUGE calzones that were shaped like footballs. One was Italian Sausage and the other was Spinach.

Before leaving to find our house we took some obligatory pictures in front of a railcar. For your viewing pleasure only.

Back up the mountain we went to get to our house. The inside decor was cute and I was especially fond of the fake moose mount. We then proceeded to watch the sunset and gawk at how wonderful our God really is.

Stay tuned to my series Smoky Mountains! Much love, Brianna


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