Smoky Mountains: Day Four

This post was written about July 1st, 2016. For those who are just now reading this series check out Smoky Mountains: Day One, Smoky Mountains: Day Two, and Smoky Mountains: Day Three.

Locations: Bryson City, NC

This post is brought to you by low wi-fi struggles, too much fried food, and lots of sweat.

I definitely did not want to get out of bed this morning. After staying up a bit too late my eyes and body said “No thanks!” I did however get out of bed or this post wouldn’t be happening. I brewed some coffee and stuck a cinnamon raisin bagel in the toaster. I topped it off with strawberry cream cheese and strawberries and bananas.

Entering into Bryson City we took the road to nowhere. Yes, you read that right…a road to nowhere. Before you get to the end of the road you come upon a long, dark, and graffiti tunnel. Upon entering I felt like we were in a scene of the Walking Dead. The one where there are zombies just looming in the dark waiting to snatch you up. I clung to my brother’s arm and took big breaths to make it through. I’m definitely not a person who likes the dark and what could be cloaked beneath it.

Walking uphill is not fun. Guess what I did today? Walked uphill then downhill then up some more than back down. Why in the world would I do that? It’s called hiking and you get to see some pretty cool stuff while hiking too. We went to Deep Creek Campgrounds where we hiked the Deep Creek trail. We saw three different waterfalls, a creek full with lots of people with tubes, and lots of horse poop. To get to the third waterfall we had to hike on the horse trail so that explains to poop.

Back into town we went drenched in sweat (at least I was). We ate at The Filling Station Deli where they are most known for their Cuban sandwich. My Mom and Dad got the Cuban and I got the special of the day: Hushpuppy Battered Fried Po-Boy. A heaping portion of fried shrimp served in a toasted hoagie with provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, and coleslaw. It was pretty good but I definitely did not eat all of it.

Walking some more (because it’s just so fun!) we explored downtown. We went in a couple of shops and saw some of the restaurants but mainly we spent our time at the Visitor’s center. Browsing for some souvenir’s I found a Smoky Mountain t-shirt, and pretty cool looking mug. I used to have a tradition where I would get a snow globe when we visited somewhere. Now it’s mugs and t-shirts. This has helped make a huge t-shirt quilt and contributed to my at least 15 mugs collection. Up side: I won’t have to buy mugs when I move out of the house.

Ice Cream was next at Soda Pops Ice Cream Parlor. Their interior was everything Coco-Cola and made me want to jump in a time machine and go back to went Coke was just 10 cents a bottle. Peach Ice Cream in a waffle cone was for me (very refreshing!), chocolate for my brother, moose tracks with hot fudge for Dad, and toffee crunch for Mom. Not a complaint from anyone.

When driving to go hiking we saw many tube places nearby. With that in mind, we changed into our swimsuits and rented 4 tubes to tube down the creek. At first, I was ready to be done. Starting at the top of the creek where the water was more swift was not a good choice. Avoiding a big drop off we saw that someone was in a lot of pain sitting on a rock. They had either dislocated their shoulder or broken it when going down. Definitely did not feel very good after seeing that.

As we ventured on it turned out to be fun minus how cold the water was. They say it’s about 59 degrees and I agree (don’t ask me who they is). Tubing down the creek for me was like a very adventurous person white water rafting. So to make my point, I will never go white water rafting. I did enjoy it but swift water is not my thing (I wouldn’t think it’d be anyones thing).

Being wet and not looking presentable we drove to the far outside of Bryson City and ate at an Old Fashioned Drive-In called Na-Bers. I got fried chicken and a root beer float. Not a good combined choice but very good separately. I will be very surprised if I don’t gain 500 pounds on this trip.

Homeward  bound! I proceeded to read my daily devotional since my body wasn’t ready this morning. Another sunset was in store. 

Great day of adventuring and food.
Stay tuned for tomorrows Smoky Mountain post! Much love, Brianna.



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