Year in Review: 2016

Hi, folks! I can’t believe this year is already over! So here is my past year in some photos to give you a little look into my life over this fast paced last year.

January- I LOVE January! Everything feels new, and winter clothes are my favorite. Sweater weather is the best.

I took photos for a friend, and this one was too precious not to share. 

February- The month of “love.” I like this month and the colors it brings.   

This movie made me cry like all Nicholas Sparks movies do. 

Flowers my brother got me for Valentine’s Day: he can be a sweetheart. 

Valentine’s Day date with Dad. We went biking in Fayetteville!

Brother’s state basketball game in Shawnee, OK

March- My birthday month and my Dad’s birthday month! This month is close to my heart because CAKE. 

Supporting our High School boys at State in Basketball.

Favorite place to eat on this earth. Lox is bae.

Winter Jam at the BOK Center: I took this while for King & Country was performing. This was a month of concerts and I had a blast! 

Garden Party Birthday Brunch with my gal pals: good food and good company. 

I always make my birthday cake: NO SHAME. I love every minute of it…this year I specifically picked out all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms box to do this. Worth it. 

Dad’s birthday hike at Lincoln Lake in Arkansas.

Some pretty bright and fun easter eggs.

April- I LOVED this month! Probably only because prom and my crazy dancing at prom.  

I had a photography assignment and choose balloons so I apologize for all the balloons. 

May- The month when school lets out summer starts! FREEDOM!!!

Roadtrip with my BFF!

If you missed out on these posts about my road trip here are the links: Part 1 & Part 2

This was a gorgeous day so we ventured out to Lake Hefner and biked 9 miles!

June- SUMMER COMMENCES in this month and that is literally the BEST feeling.

I went vegan for a week and had a blast! For all the deets on that check out THIS blog post.

We took a vacation to the Smoky Mountains this year. If you missed out on ALL 8 of my blog posts you can check them out HERE.

July- The last month of freedom but full of adventure and fun.

The pure joy of summer.

I joined a bible study group this summer and am SO glad for friendships made.

Steven Adams is my bro/homie.

A new place opened in Tulsa called Bowl-n-Spoon and all they serve is cereal! You pick from TONS of cereal, toppings, and milk. You can also mix and match everything. I think I went into a sugar coma after this. 

The joys of babysitting. 

Oh honey, you’re sweet. 

August- The last month of summer and some lasts.

Last first day of High School! Senior year here I come!

September- My brother’s birthday month, football, and FALL.  

October- Lots of fall fun and too many pictures!

Fall break is Eureka Springs, AR.

Pumpkins are funny: every year we go to Livesay Orchards to get pumpkins. I hope we never stop this tradition. 

I took my friends senior pictures: isn’t she gorgeous?!

Like I said earlier: Dilly Diner is the best place on earth. 

I completed a 15k!! (9 miles). I’m signed up for the OKC Half Marathon and telling myself I can do it!!

for King & Country was especially amazing because front row BABY!

November- Thanksgiving, food, food, and food.  

Senior pictures were a blast! If you live in the Keystone, CO area check out Jo Spivey photography for affordable and GREAT pictures.

December- CHRISTMAS MONTH!!!! AND my mom’s birthday month!!  

Took a trip to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile! A blog post will be posted sometime in January! 


So that is my year summed up! If you would like to follow along all year long you can check me out on Instagram. 

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I hope you all had a great 2016! Much love, Brianna.