My Everyday Life: Week 4

This past week has felt like the longest but shortest week of my life if that makes any sense at all. It’s been busy, eventful, but fun. Come with me as I show you this past week in pictures!

Another week means another picture of my bible and I! I love doing this picture every week to document my outfits and where I was on each Sunday through out the year.


When I walked out of church the sky was beautiful so a picture HAD to be taken.



This week was FULL of basketball, but I have no complaints.




I’ve been on a smoothie bowl kick lately. This one was: bananas, mixed berries, and almond milk. Super easy, super healthy, and super good.



My favorite go to order at Sonic: Diet Strawberry Limeade. The strawberry pieces just top it off! Like the cherry on top but with strawberries.

Morning light.

Sally’s Baking Addiction Funfetti Cookies! I made a batch on Sunday and scooped them and then froze them! It’s easy to just pop a couple in the oven at a time and enjoy a FRESH baked cookie.



Friday morning it was SUPER cold! I went outside to start my car early and the frost was beautiful.

Workout before class at “The Fit”.

Matcha Almond Milk Latte, SO GOOD. Wish I could replicate at home but would probably fail miserbly at it.

So I always enter this giveaways I see on Instagram because they literally take like 2 seconds to enter. This week I won one and I got this awesome Kate Spade Tumbler. Very picture worthy.


Short Stack and Shortcake’s in Stillwater, OK.

Weird thing they do at OSU Basketball games…they throw torn up newspaper when players make baskets! I apologize to the clean up crew.

Love my BFF!

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Ended the weekend on a high note with basketball at OSU (they won!), visiting my BFF, and eating TONS of food. 

So that’s my week in pictures! I hope you all had a wonderful week! See you here next week! Much love, Brianna.


My Everyday Life: Week 3 

Hey there folks! College has picked up and my life is full of homework. Like LOADS of homework that weighs TONS. I’ve decided to put out a blog post every week to keep you updated on what goes on in my daily life from week to week. This post was inspired by Shutterbean’s Everyday Life posts!

I’ve decided to start taking a picture every Sunday at church (particularly in the car) with my bible and hand to document my different outfits and such throughout the year. I think it will be cool to look back at 51 pictures taken each week (I skipped the first week in January) and depending on where I’m at the location could be different.

Little treat my friend brought me back from Disney World…to be honest it wasn’t that good sadly.

Lots of coffee this week…

Monday was MLK Day so that meant no school and it was glorious! The weather was absolutely gorgeous so I decided to sit outside before work and read a little in my book (The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks) that I started two weeks ago….and am only in Chapter Three. I blame The Office and College.

Blue skies.

If you’ve been at Instagram or Social Media at all you must have heard of the movie La La Land…I’ve been wanting to see it SO bad so Monday I invited a friend and we treated ourselves to see it at The Warren (with recliners and seat warmers!!)

The movie was fantastic! At first, I didn’t get into it but the story was so good and inspiring and the soundtrack was simply amazing. I’ve had it repeat throughout the week.

Tuesday of this week was 8th-grade night at the school I attended K-8th grade, and I was reminded of how quick life passes us by. I remember just 4 short years ago when I was in 8th grade and all I wanted was to grow up. Now that I’m a senior in High School and going to College…all I want to do is to NOT grow up. So everyone, appreciate every moment of life no matter what season you’re in. Cherish it even if you don’t like the circumstances your in. Because soon you’ll realize that the best times of your life have happened and you just wished them away. Don’t take a moment for granted.

My super athletic brother.

Thursday was National Popcorn Day so I obviously had to celebrate with my favorite snack.

Lady is me all the time.

I got my bangs trimmed on Thursday and my hairdresser did something fun with my hair…now if I could only replicate it myself.

Beautiful rose that my parents received for 8th grade night.

I don’t look amused with my hair but I promise I liked it.

Early workout on Friday before class and coffee after school to do homework.

…and just like that the 45th president!

I LOVED Melania’s outfit for Trump’s Inauguration Day. (Picture from the internet)

Saturday I worked and coffee was the only thing that helped me through the day.

Baking seriously helps cure my stress and this week I had some ripe bananas so I made this SERIOUSLY GOOD Banana Bread with Espresso Glaze from How Sweet Eats. SO GOOD.

So that’s it for this week, I’ll see you here next week same place! Much love, Brianna.

Goals for 2017

New Year means New Goals! How was your 2016 and what goals are you setting for 2017?


I completed almost all of my goals from this past year and have set the bar pretty high for this year! I’m ready to get things done and be productive! Here are my goals listed below:


  • Run a half marathon ( I ran a 15k last October and I know I can run 13 miles!!)
  • Lose 10lbs (I lost 15 last year and am determined to be at my goal weight! Let’s do this!!)
  • Have a budget and stick to it. (My dad suggested the app Every Dollar which you can also access online. You predict what your monthly income will be then you budget to your lifestyle! I am ready to save money this year and buy less!)
  • Make Macaroons. (I’ve had Macaroons before and they are DELICIOUS! This year I want to make some and fingers crossed that they turn out good)
  • Run a full marathon
  • Decide where I’m going to college (I’ve really been struggling with this and giving it up to God and praying that I’ll make the right decision)
  • See Star War #8 (The Force Awakens was AMAZING and Rogue One was AMAZING. So no doubt that this one will be AMAZING too)
  • Read 15 books (I read 12 this past year…I kinda of dropped the ball and got lazy. I really do love to read I just need to make time to do it! I’ll make a list later of the 15 books I will be reading!)
  • Stop biting my nails…(this is going to be SUPER hard but if I can do it my hands will finally look good)
  • Get rid of the things I don’t need. (I set focus words for this year: Less is More. I really struggle with this so this year will be the year where I try to buy less and get rid of the things I don’t need!)
  • Take a social media break (Oh wow….I don’t realize it much but I am SUPER connected to social media. I’m going to try to take some periodic breaks this year.)
  • Blog more. (Last year I really slacked off and I’ve really missed it even though not a lot of people read my blog. I’ve got many posts lined up, so get excited!!)
  • Get organized for college. (This is a MUST)
  • Go on a senior trip…(and have lots of fun!)

I hope your 2017 is off to a great start! Much love, Brianna