San Francisco: Day Two

This post was written about May 24th, 2017.

Locations: San Francisco, CA

Today was a BIG day! With over 20,000 steps, lots of great food, everything tourist must do, and lots of wind it was an extremely good and tiring day (I might be half asleep while writing this).

We “lyfted” our way to Lombard Street to start. If none of you know what Lombard Street is it’s a really crooked road in San Francisco. Some people like to say it’s the most crooked street in San Fran but it’s actually not! It was fun to walk down but you don’t really get the effect of it until you’re at the very bottom! I think it would be a fun experience to drive down, but sadly we don’t have a car this trip (probably a good thing, San Fran traffic is crazy).

From there we walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf has lot’s of shops, seafood, and people. We first went into a gift shop and I found a mug that will be added to my collection of 20,000 mugs (not exaggerating). We explored Fisherman’s Wharf for a while and we came upon the infamous Sea Lions at Pier 39! The Sea Lions are quite a popular attraction and are quite funny to watch. The males can weigh up to 850 lbs and the females can weigh up to 220 lbs. I was quite fascinated with them and how territorial they were and the funny noises they make!

We then backtracked to Boudin’s Bakery and Cafe for lunch. The smell, when you pass by, is just heavenly. The baked bread smell draws you in and that’s just what we did. I got the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and I ate all of it! (I think I worked it off). We stopped back by after the day was over to get some bread for tomorrow morning…because why not?

Biking was up next, and it was something I had been looking forward to since we talked about vacation. We rented bikes from a company in town and we biked to AND across the Golden Gate Bridge! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go across the Golden Gate Bridge. It can be pretty busy but biking versus walking is better in my opinion. I GoPro(ed) the whole thing and I love watching the videos because you can just get the sense of how big the bridge is. I unintendedly matched the bridge with my jacket!

Once we biked across we went into Sausalito and stopped for some coffee and caught a ferry back to San Fran. Sausalito was a small, quaint little town and felt vaguely what Italy might be like! The ferry took us directly where we needed to drop our bikes off at and from there food was to be had.

Fog Harbor Fish House on Pier 39 is where we ate for dinner. It was a SUPER fancy seafood restaurant with really good bread and food! I had the Baked Oysters which had Spinach, Bacon, and Cream Cheese. They were fantastic and I enjoyed each and every one of them!

I was on a mission after dinner to find the “Musical Stairs”. The musical stairs were inspired from the movie ‘Big” starring Tom Hanks. Once we found them we started walking up them and it turns out they play when you step on them! I had a fun time running up and down the stairs.

The last stop, but defiently not least before we headed home was Ghiradelli Square. It was a trek but worth it. I orded the Warm Brownie Sundae but ended up with a Strawberry Fudge Sundae. I was dissapointed at first but it was so delicious that I did not have any complaints after I almost all of it!

And that tops of the day! It was busy but SO fun. I can’t wait to see you back here tommorow! Much love, Brianna.



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