San Francisco: Day Five

This post was written about May 27th, 2017.

Locations: San Francisco, CA.

22,903 steps, 9.70 miles, 102 floors, and 140 active minutes is what Day Five in San Francisco looked like. My legs and feet just might be feeling a little sore. To start off the day we went to Alamo Square which is where the infamous Painted Ladies are located. If you’re thinking…what the heck are the Painted Ladies?! I’ll tell you this: they are the houses featured in the Full House intro and they are all neat, tidy and cute and full of color so that makes them pretty popular. Many people think that the Painted Ladies are the actual Full House but they are not!

From the Painted Ladies we walked about a mile to see the actual Full House. Now the TV show was not filmed inside this house but this house was used in the outside shots and there is an exact replica at Warner Brothers where the TV show was filmed. It was pretty cool to see where Full House was based on. The door is now green but it used to be red back when the old Full House was filmed.

A funny now but scary at the time story I am about to tell is next….we ordered a Lyft to drive us to brunch and he asked if everyone had gotten in the car. My dad said almost and the guy started driving. I was halfway in- halfway out of the car and didn’t really realize what had happened until we got to breakfast. Now I’m really paranoid when I get into a car with a driver other than my family.

Brunch, however, was some of the best I’ve had. The place we went was called Nopa and it pretty popular. It was recommended that you get there 30 minutes before they open so that you will be guaranteed to get a table. What they are best known for is their Custard French Toast. Now, I consider myself a French Toast connoisseur because almost anywhere I go if they have French Toast I will most definitely get it. This French Toast rates up there with blueberries and amaretto butter. It was delicious and I savored every bite.

Stuffed, we piled into a car and went to Land’s End. I found out about Land’s End from a San Francisco Bucketlist account on Instagram and I am super glad I did because man was it beautiful! We were dropped off at The Legion of Honor which I’m not exactly sure what that was but the architecture on the outside was sure beautiful!

We started hiking on the Land’s End trail in search of a bathroom but ended up hiking the wrong way in the opposite direction of the bathrooms. This led us to go to China Beach which the bathrooms were closed…but thankfully they had porta-potties. The beach itself wasn’t the nicest but it had a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Dad might’ve taken a nap while we were there.

After we took a break we hiked back in the opposite direction on the Land’s End trail toward Sutro Baths. The views just had me in awe and we couldn’t have picked a better day to hike. Our God is so so good.

Exhausted, we had a Lyft pick us up and take us to get some food! We stopped at Garden Creamy where they are famous for the churro ice cream cones and unique ice cream but sadly they only do churro cones from 2-4 every day! The ice cream, however, was still delicious! I got the matcha with strawberry sorbet!

I don’t usually live by the motto dessert first, but that’s exactly what we did. For dinner we at Lolo’s which was Mexican in the Mission District. I had fluatas which had cojita cheese and peppers in them. They were super delicious and the perfect way to end the day.

On the way back to our house I saw some pretty neat wall art and I just had to stop and take a picture!

San Francisco has treated us well thus far and I’m excited to share another day with you! See you back here tomorrow! Much love, Brianna.


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