Thursday Things (Valentine’s Day)


1. A complete kit for breakfast in bed.

2. Pink Cinnamon Rolls….just for Valentine’s Day.

3. DIY Valentine’s. These are the CUTEST!

4. Red Velvet Donuts…..YES. JUST YES.

5. For the crafter in you.

6. The CUTEST cookies. EVER.

7. Valentine themed phone wallpapers. (hearts!)

8. 17 Valentine’s NOT to get your beau.

9. 15 (really cute!) ways to show someone you looooove them.

10. What’s it’s like to date in seven different countries….quite interesting!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Much love, Brianna.


Thursday Things


1. I couldn’t stop laughing! (bad timing; I had my wisdom teeth out and it hurt to laugh.)

2. If you love Friends you’ll definitely appreciate this.

3. 25 ways to treat yourself better. I LOVE THIS!

4. Looking at my old tumblr makes me happy/sad/laugh.

5. 5 ways to de clutter your bedroom. (I do this everyday even when I don’t need to…or at least I think I don’t)

6. Getting this top to go with my coral high waisted bikini bottoms. LOVE!

7. This is crazy cool.

8. Because the Super Bowl is this Sunday.

9. These biscuits look like HEAVEN!

10. Inspiring words on clothes.

Has you January been cold/warm? It’s been abnormally warm here in Oklahoma. Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things

1. 15 Things Not to do in 2015.

2. Ten Ways to beat Winter Blues….I REALLY need this right now!

3. In LOVE with this article….inspired.

4. Peppermint Mocha Latte..(peppermint is not out of season, EVER!)

5. Super excited for the Minimalist Baker cookbook!

6. If you watch White Collar then you will LOVE this. (even if you don’t watch it you will still LOVE it).

7. Because I stress out ALL the time.

8. I wonder if wearing these hurts??

9. Little kids that have style. This absolutely KILLS me.

10. All of these places are BREATHTAKING.

Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things


1. How to take life slowly….I really need this.

2. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate…..there are absolutely no words for this.

3. Live Original…currently reading this and LOVING it!

4. The 3rd one on this list though…..

5. The one way to my heart…THIS TOFFEE.

6. If you LOVE Home Alone…you NEED this shirt.

7. This post makes me want to food prep….organization is my soft spot.

8. Peppermint Pretzel Marshmallow Fudge….how is this possible?!?!?!

9. My family recently subscribed to this app…so many books!!!!!

10. How are you living your January?

Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things


1. A Story of a dogs last day on earth.

2. Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Rolls…. say what?!?!

3. 18 things you’ve been doing wrong your whole life omygoodness.

4. I have lately been obsessed with friends… and these pictures make me laugh.

5. Exploring Still Life Photography lighting is KEY.

6. 17 books to read if you like The Fault in Our Stars. (I’ve read about 6 of these)

7. Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars (GIMMIE, GIMMIE!)

8. Vegan Portobello Pizzas (oh goodness me)

9. 10 Ways to Live Better I need this in my life.

10. DIY Backdrops for Pictures these are SO cute!

Let me know your favorite links! Much love, Brianna.

Thursday Things


1. I want this in my mouth RIGHT NOW. (please and thank you).

2. When I try stuff like this it NEVER works.

3. Avocado in a smoothie……hmmm.

4. Must. Make. These. Nachos.

5. Need to try this challenge, definitely.

6. Give me these straws, and I’ll love you forever.

7. Inspiration boards…are my true loves, here’s mine. 

8. Apparently I’m happy and relaxed….?

9. This pizza looks crazy good.

10. 5 Unspoken rules of a best friend (totally agree!)

What have you found around the web? Much love, Brianna.