Smoky Mountains: Day Eight

This post was written about July 5th, 2016. To see the rest of my series check out below (as this is the last one!)

Locations: Bryson City, NC

More Blueberry Ego Waffles were apart of today’s breakfast. To fancy it up I put Strawberry Cream Cheese, Strawberries, Bananas, and Blueberries on top. We hung around the house for about 2 hours until it was time to go…..Zip-lining! When we ate breakfast outside the mountains were showing with just a bit of clouds. About an hour later it started to rain and you couldn’t anything but the mountain close to us! It was crazy how it could change so fast!

Off to Zip-lining we went around 11:30. We were supposed to start at 12:30 but since of the rain and lightning  we waited about an extra hour (so worth it though!) Once the lightning  and rain cleared we suited up or geared up (you choose) to head out! I got a helmet with a GoPro mount so I could capture all the action and I am so glad I did! I was hesitant at first, not wanting to lose my expensive camera but all was well. We chose Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours to do our zip-lining at and they did a great job! They explained what you needed to do and let you practice, kept it fun on the course, and most of all kept everyone safe. Shout out to our 3 leaders: Barrett, Trae, and Kenneth!

When we first started on the course I was pretty nervous. When zip-lining you have the brake when you get about 3/4 of the way through. Getting the hang of it was not too bad though I did hit my legs on a platform my first time…(I have a bruise now). It was fun being high up and going fast down the lines. There were 13 lines and it took about 3 hours to complete. Also you MUST watch the video below because “GoPro is insane!!”

After zip-lining we came back into Bryson City for a sweet treat. Not having lunch I treated myself to a White Chocolate Caramel Apple (best ever!) at The Chocolate Shoppe and Ice Creamery. Before heading back to clean up we made reservation at The Cork & Bean in town for 6 so we would ensure ourselves a table.

The Cork & Bean for dinner was the best food EVER! The Cork & Bean is inside of an old hotel and the atmosphere is very inviting. To start our dinner off we ordered the Roasted Brussel Sprouts with bacon, sweet onions, shaved parmesan, and garlic aoili. The garlic aoili made the dish well-rounded with the right about of roasted with non-roasted ingredients. I got the Southwest Turkey Crepe which had Smoked Gouda, Avocado, Turkey, and Salsa. (have to try to remake it at home!). Both of my parents got The Duck & Andouille Etouffee which was something like a Cajun dish. For dessert my parents ordered the Lavender Crème Brûlée. For the longest time I’ve being seeing a coffee drink called a ‘Flat White’ around Instagram and Snapchat. I tried a Hazelnut Flat White out and it was so good! The only difference I can tell between that and a regular latte is that it’s not as strong. My brother got a Mocha Frappchunio (I think he swears by getting one of these any coffee place he goes).

Our last night at the house we watched the sunset and played some more cards.

This trip has let me experience lots of amazing views, try new things, eat lots of good food, and enjoy time with my family. Thank you to everyone who read my series Smoky Mountains! Stay tuned for more blog posts soon. Much love, Brianna.


Vegan Week

So this last week I went vegan and it was quite a venture! While I enjoyed trying all the new foods I really missed my chicken and cheese. I never truly realized how many things had animal products in them. 

Monday 6/13-

Breakfast: Loaded Blueberry Muffins (so good! tasted like regular muffins!) 

Lunch: Loaded Baked Potato with Salsa, Tomatoes, Corn, Black Beans, and Cilantro.

Snack: Airpopped Popcorn with “Cheese”

Dinner: Vegan Mac & Cheese (the texture was almost that of a baked mac and cheese but was very tasty!) 

Dessert: Yolos (like a rolo but with dates…remember when YOLO was cool?!)

Tuesday 6/14-

Breakfast: Good Greens Mint Chocolate Bar (if you’ve ever had thin mints it taste pretty much like that)

Lunch: Mac & Cheese (I spiced it up and added cherry tomatoes and black beans!)

Dinner- Corn Chowder (this was the best I’ve had in awhile)

Wednesday 6/15-

Breakfast: Ocho Bar (pretty much like a mounds bar)

Lunch: Burrito with refried beans, tomatoes, vegan cheese, and cilantro 

Dinner: Buffalo Chickpea Pizza (I wasn’t expecting this to turn out but it was actually really good!)

Thursday 6/16-

Breakfast: Banana Cinnamon Rolls (these were amazing!! made them Wednesday and enjoyed them way to much on Thursday)

Lunch: Banana Split Smoothie (I am well aware this techinally isn’t lunch but it was SO GOOD)

Dinner: Chickpea Sandwhich (not pictured; Chick-fil-a waffle fries and a whole bag of gummy bears)

Friday 6/17-

Breakfast: Coconut Pancakes

Lunch: Mac & Cheese with Buffalo Sauce 

Dinner: Mushroom and Leek Risotto (this was my favorite by far!!) 

I also went vegan Saturday but I didn’t document my eats. I didn’t go vegan because I’m against eating animals, I thought it’d be fun to try new foods and see how different your body works without animal products! I felt good but am so glad to be eating my chicken again. Would you go vegan for a week? Much love, Brianna. 

Aloha Summer! Part 2

If you missed my last post you may be slightly confused. If you haven’t read Aloha Summer! Part 1 go check it out so you’ll be all caught up on my adventures on day one of my road trip to OKC. For all reading: This post was written about June 5th and June 6th 2016.

June 5th- Breakfast was Blueberry Lemon Bread with Hot Chocolate. My grandma made the bread and it was oh so good! We left for church at Memorial Road Church of Christ after breakfast and enjoyed a phenomenal service and lesson about how our best future comes from our deepest conviction.

The service started at 8:15 and ended around 9:20 so we had the rest of the day to ourselves. We decided to go to the Oklahoma City Zoo. The weather was perfect because it was early day with a slight breeze but nice and sunny. I hadn’t been to the zoo in quite some time. I’d say 5 to 6 years have passed since I’ve been. I enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of animals. I especially got a kick out of a rhinoceros who was banging his head against the door to where he goes in and out of. I think he might of been just a little ready to get outside…(read that sentence with sarcasm).

We spent about 2 1/2 hours at the zoo and half of that was walking around in the same places we had already been. I think I’m directionally challenged. 

Hungry, we traveled to Arcadia where Pops is. If you don’t know what Pops is let me inform you. Pops is built pretty much in the middle of no where on Route 66. They have over 700 different kinds of sodas to choose from such as: Bacon Cream Soda, Butterscotch Root beer, and Peach Soda. It’s also a restaurant and a gas station. On the outside there is a HUGE pop bottle and at night it lights up into different colors! I enjoyed their Arcadia Burger which had bleu cheese, bacon, chiplote mayo, and I subbed turkey for beef.

 Just down the road from Pops is a big red round barn. It was built-in 1898 and was just something fun to go see. Going up to the top story however was a little daunting. The ceiling felt like a hundred stories tall!

Gradually we started running out of things to do (or things we knew to do), but we decided to stop in at the Paseo Arts District. Most of the shops were closed but they had a few art gallery’s open. The art inside was absolutely breathtaking and made me wish I could paint like the artists who did the paintings.

If you live in Oklahoma you might be aware of the different types of statues located in each town. In Muskogee there are painted guitars placed in various places. Tulsa has penguins (I have no idea why penguins…we don’t live in Antarctica). Oklahoma City has painted buffalos. So we set out on a quest to find as many as we could. We weren’t as successful as we hoped but we did find a few and I thought it was cool that each one had a different meaning behind it. I looked up the “Buffalo Project” for the locations but sadly they weren’t as accurate as I thought they would be. Nevertheless I enjoyed snapping some pictures of the ones we did find!

Being pretty tiried we decided to pick up dinner downtown at a place called Guyutes. Their little slogan is something along the lines of: fancied up street food. I got a salad which had roasted chickpeas, cranberries, feta cheese, and a house vinaigrette dressing. We had planned on watching the sunset at Lake Hefner but felt WAY to tired to stick it out. Back at my grandparents house we ate dinner and swam and then of course went to sleep instantly!

June 6th-

Last day of our trip *insert sad face here*. Sleeping in was the best decision we made, and so was eating at Big Truck Tacos for breakfast before we hit the road. When I saw the name “Big Truck Tacos” I thought it would be a food truck. What we pulled up to almost looked like and old sonic redone. There were places to eat on the inside and the food was delicious! I got the Big Truck Burrito Bowl which had: eggs, potatoes, chorizo, and spices! Defienetly recommend going if you’re ever in the area.

Hitting some more landmarks on Route 66 we stopped to see the Golden Driller in Tulsa which was built 50 years ago! The Blue Whale of Catoosa was another stop. The Blue Whale was a gift built by a man for his wife as an anniversary present. It was built-in a pond and took over 2 years to do. There were slides with running water down them and a diving board off the top. Back in the day they hauled in sand and it was a popular family destination. Now it’s more of just a landmark however you can still fish at the pond.

Last stop: lunch of course. Nothing special really just some Panera Bread and funny conversations about being half out of it.

 All in all it was a great road trip. We saw it all, made lots of fun memories, and ate our way through Oklahoma. Much love, Brianna.