Smoky Mountains: Day Five

This post was written about July 2nd, 2016. If just now reading this series check out my other days below.

Locations: Bryson City, NC -> Chimney Rock, NC -> Lake Lure, NC -> Asheville, NC -> Bryson City, NC

Well….we are more than halfway through this series (also known as my vacation). Mornings come to quick and nights go to fast when you’re wiped from the day before. However, I love the adventuring, food, and exercise.

This morning my body said “No thanks!” again. I powered through and made some coffee with my english muffin and half a banana. Sitting on the front porch with the cool breeze and view was absolutely perfect and it made me really not want to leave on Wednesday.

Another day of longer travel was in store. We journeyed to Chimney Rock State Park about 2 hours from Bryson City. The road up to the park was WAY to curvy and made me sick but once there I felt much, much better. Parking down in the lower parking lot a bus shuttled us to the top where we climbed 499 steps to get to Chimney Rock.

Usually, Chimney Rock as a fully working elevator but it was currently out of service so tickets into the park were reduced by a dollar (yes only a dollar…*insert eye roll here*) The 499 steps up weren’t excatly what I call enjoyable but the view was SO worth it. From there we hiked up to Exclamation Point which was another 381 steps. It’s the highest point in the park and definitely  the most breathtaking. I love how good and creative our God is.

Once at the top we took a break and then made the 880 step trek down. By the time we reached the bottom my legs felt so shaking and I was pretty sure they were going to buckle. Thankfully that did not happen. At the souvenir store I got a sticker that said “I made it to the top of Chimney Rock”. I for sure had to get that.

Lunch absolutely had to be next, because my stomach was growling like a monster. We ate at Medina’s Village Bistro. I got the special which was the BLT wrap with fried green tomatoes instead ofthe regular kind. A side of cauliflower salad came with it which had sprouts, chickpeas, balsamic vingear, and cauliflower. It was different but I enjoyed it! For dessert all four of us spilt a cinnamon rolls which was A++ (However, nothing can beat Harmony House cinnamon rolls).

On the way to the Bistro my mom had saw a place that sold homeade soda pops called: Bayou Billy. You had to buy a mug and then you filled it yourself. They had lots to choose from but I choose the ‘Pretty N Pink’ one and filled it with Strawberry Cream Soda and shared it with my mom. My dad got a cream soda float and my brother a rootbeer float.

Heading just a few minutes away to the town of Lake Lure we visited the Lake Lure Inn where the cast of Dirty Dancing stayed during their filming. Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie of all time and this was a must. Also; currently looking for someone to share my love of Dirty Dancing with. The pickpocket scence was filmed in the dining room and the famous lift scene practice was shot at Lake Lure.The mirrored room that they practiced in is now renovated into a event hall. Half of the film was filmed there and the other half in Virgina. I tried to recreate some poses from the movie but didn’t have such luck (as you see below).


Before heading out of Chimney Rock we stopped on the ‘flowering bridge’. They had some beautiful plants and lots of doors with plants on them. Lots of garden goals, and door goals. There was also a pretty mailbox that I wish I could take to have as my mailbox in the future. 

Back to Asheville we went! Having looked up The Omni Grove Inn we checked it out just for fun. It’s been around for a while and some notable people have stayed there. Such as: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Micheal Jordan, and Jerry Seinfield. This Inn was HUMONGOUS. They had a spa, 4 on site restaurants, shops, views looking out at the mountains, and a HUGE fireplace. Rooms start out at $350 a night and range to about $1,000 a night (crazy!!!)

Buxton Hall BBQ was for dinner. Buxton Hall used to be an old skating rink and was transformed into a restaurant. When sitting you can see the huge open kitchen and all the delicious food being prepared. I got the Grilled Buxton Romaine Salad which had jowl bacon, bluberries, pickled fennel, grilled romaine, and blue cheese dressing. Best salad ever! My mom and dad got the Whole Hog BBQ Plate and the meat I tried was perfect. My brother got the mussels since he’s vowed to try mussels any new place he goes.

Exhausted we made the trek back to our home. I caught up on my social media, did my devotional and turned the lights out!

Stay tuned for more of my series! Much love, Brianna.