San Francisco: Day Seven

This post was written on May 29th, 2017.

Locations: San Francisco, CA

I’m here today to tell you about our last day in San Francisco….*really sad face* Today was filled with more good food, relaxation, and a couple more touristy things that you just HAVE to do if you come to San Francisco.

We ate at a place called Griddle Fresh which I found yet again on Instagram. My mom and I split the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and I also got a Matcha Latte they were both heavenly!!

After breakfast is when we split off to go our separate ways. The boys headed to the San Francisco Giants game and we went to get our nails done. Getting my nails done is always a treat and I enjoyed the little down time.

From there we took a Lyft to the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art). It was quite busy being Memorial day and such. If you really like art then go here…but if you’re not super into art don’t go here. The 5th floor was my favorite with more Andy Warhol pieces.

A perspective of the San Francisco Giants game (and fight) from the guys: Caden and I were excited to watch the S.F. Giants vs Washington Nationals. We had views of the bay and the game. This has to be one of the best places to play a baseball game. The Mission St Nachos were great and the ball game got really interesting in the top of the 8th when Bryce Harper was thrown at intentionally and a big fight took place on the field. The Nats won the game 3-0 and the experience of AT&T Park will last a lifetime.

For lunch, we walked across the road for lunch at a Greek place. I had a medditerenean veggie wrap and it was really good and fresh! I had been craving some boba tea the whole time of vacation so we went to this “mall” that had a theater, target, and some eating places. We got the Taro Milk Bubble Tea and it was quite different but really good!! The little boba’s were chewy and it’s really hard to explain unless you’ve had one before!

We had another Lyft take us down to Fisherman’s Wharf where we caught a cable car that took us to Union Square. It was fun to ride the cable car through the city. Going down the hills was a little scary sense we were standing and holding on but it was a fun experience.

For dinner, we met back up with the guys at the house and walked to Media Noche which is a Cuban place in the Mission District. The food was delicious and that had the cutest flamingo wall art outside so I obviously had to take a picture!

I can’t believe our time here is done! It’s gone by fast but slow! Thanks for following along and be sure to check back soon for an ultimate guide to San Francisco. Much love, Brianna.


San Francisco: Day Six

This post was written about May 28th, 2017.

Locations: San Francisco, CA.

Today was our second to last day in San Francisco *insert sad face here* While I’m ready to go home and sleep in my bed and see my boyfriend I’m not ready to leave this amazing weather here behind! I could put up with 60’s all summer compared to Oklahoma’s blazing hot 90-100 degrees.

We’ve been staying in the Mission District this past week and this weekend was Carnaval. Today they had a parade from 9-1:30! That’s 4 1/2 hours people! We only stayed for 30 minutes because honestly, a parade is a parade. But it was neat to see the different types of dress and dancing!

From there we had a Lyft pick us up and take us to a coffee place called Rise & Grind. I found out about Rise & Grind through a San Francisco bucket list account on Instagram when I saw a video of them torching the top of coffee to make a creme brulee coffee! I, of course, got that and subbed for soy milk and it was AMAZING. If I were ever to go back I would try their cookie butter latte because cookie butter is life, literally.

Golden Gate Park was just a short walk away and we went into their Botanical Garden. There were SO many plants and the weather was a bit cloudy and cool but it was fun to see plants from New Zealand, Africa, California, and more!

Lunch was next: we ate at Marnee Thai where we had corn cakes and some really good Thai Soup!! I love me some good Thai food! Since we had light lunch we went to get some really, really good ice cream after. I found this ice cream through the same account where I found about the coffee. It was called Let’s Roll Ice Cream and I got the Smore’s ice cream. They basically have their base ice cream and they cut in the toppings on a really cold surface and they spread it thin so they can roll it into small rolls. After that, they ask what topping you want and you eat it obviously! The texture of the ice cream is different but really good. A must try place in my opinion.

On the way to our next stop, we come upon a guy carrying a large bookshelf. It looked like he was struggling just a bit so my dad offered to help. He had picked up the bookshelf at 2nd street and had made it to 9th street. We helped him carry to 12th street and I couldn’t believe he had carried it that far!

A hidden gem in San Francisco would be the Hidden Garden Mosaic Steps. They go up pretty far and have some pretty cool designs on them! I discovered these yet again through the bucket list account! Social media is pretty cool folks.

A rainbow crosswalk and sliding down the Seward Street Slides were the last stops of the day. The Seward Street Slides were so fun! You grabbed a piece of cardboard and slid down! I was nervous at first but it was SO fun.

We came home pretty early and ordered in some pizza from Patxi’s Pizza. Super good and was perfect since we didn’t have to deal with any more crowds and such.

I’ll see you here for the last day tomorrow! Much love, Brianna.

San Francisco: Day Four

This post was written about May 26th, 2017.

Locations: San Francisco, CA -> Mill Valley, CA -> Yountville, CA -> Stinson Beach, CA

Today was full of driving and discovering new places. We started off the day bright and early with Enterprise picking us up at 8:30! The most stressful part of the day was getting out of the city and dealing with the traffic. We got to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge this time and it was a completely different experience than biking across!

Muir Woods was our first stop of the day. Muir Woods is known for its large redwoods. When we arrived the task of finding parking was crazy hard! Once we did we started walking but then a tour guide who couldn’t find parking picked us up and we headed to the front of the park. The hike wasn’t super long maybe 2 miles at the most and it super humbling to stand at the bottom of the trees because it made you seem SO small.

From there we drove to Napa Valley which was about 2 hours away. I took a nap and woke up to see the beautiful countryside filled with vineyards that stretched for miles on end. We stopped for lunch in Yountville at a place called Bottega. Their food was AMAZING. I ordered a Grilled Shortrib Cheeseburger and everything was so fresh and tender, I swear it was the best burger I ever had.

After our late lunch, we headed back to San Francisco but we took the more scenic drive this time. We stopped at the Stinson Beach and man was it beautiful. I took off my shoes it I think my feet froze just a bit. I really love it here and I’m sad we’re leaving on Tuesday!!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow! Much love, Brianna.



San Francisco: Day Two

This post was written about May 24th, 2017.

Locations: San Francisco, CA

Today was a BIG day! With over 20,000 steps, lots of great food, everything tourist must do, and lots of wind it was an extremely good and tiring day (I might be half asleep while writing this).

We “lyfted” our way to Lombard Street to start. If none of you know what Lombard Street is it’s a really crooked road in San Francisco. Some people like to say it’s the most crooked street in San Fran but it’s actually not! It was fun to walk down but you don’t really get the effect of it until you’re at the very bottom! I think it would be a fun experience to drive down, but sadly we don’t have a car this trip (probably a good thing, San Fran traffic is crazy).

From there we walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf has lot’s of shops, seafood, and people. We first went into a gift shop and I found a mug that will be added to my collection of 20,000 mugs (not exaggerating). We explored Fisherman’s Wharf for a while and we came upon the infamous Sea Lions at Pier 39! The Sea Lions are quite a popular attraction and are quite funny to watch. The males can weigh up to 850 lbs and the females can weigh up to 220 lbs. I was quite fascinated with them and how territorial they were and the funny noises they make!

We then backtracked to Boudin’s Bakery and Cafe for lunch. The smell, when you pass by, is just heavenly. The baked bread smell draws you in and that’s just what we did. I got the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and I ate all of it! (I think I worked it off). We stopped back by after the day was over to get some bread for tomorrow morning…because why not?

Biking was up next, and it was something I had been looking forward to since we talked about vacation. We rented bikes from a company in town and we biked to AND across the Golden Gate Bridge! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go across the Golden Gate Bridge. It can be pretty busy but biking versus walking is better in my opinion. I GoPro(ed) the whole thing and I love watching the videos because you can just get the sense of how big the bridge is. I unintendedly matched the bridge with my jacket!

Once we biked across we went into Sausalito and stopped for some coffee and caught a ferry back to San Fran. Sausalito was a small, quaint little town and felt vaguely what Italy might be like! The ferry took us directly where we needed to drop our bikes off at and from there food was to be had.

Fog Harbor Fish House on Pier 39 is where we ate for dinner. It was a SUPER fancy seafood restaurant with really good bread and food! I had the Baked Oysters which had Spinach, Bacon, and Cream Cheese. They were fantastic and I enjoyed each and every one of them!

I was on a mission after dinner to find the “Musical Stairs”. The musical stairs were inspired from the movie ‘Big” starring Tom Hanks. Once we found them we started walking up them and it turns out they play when you step on them! I had a fun time running up and down the stairs.

The last stop, but defiently not least before we headed home was Ghiradelli Square. It was a trek but worth it. I orded the Warm Brownie Sundae but ended up with a Strawberry Fudge Sundae. I was dissapointed at first but it was so delicious that I did not have any complaints after I almost all of it!

And that tops of the day! It was busy but SO fun. I can’t wait to see you back here tommorow! Much love, Brianna.


San Francisco: Day One

This post was written about May 23rd, 2017.

Locations: OK -> CO -> San Fransisco, CA

Hello to anyone and everyone who might be reading this! It’s been a whirlwind this spring semester and I’m glad to be back to blogging and to start off my blogging I’m going to be blogging ALL the days of my vacation! This year I got to pick (being my senior year of high school) and I chose San Francisco and I am so excited to share these new experiences with ya’ll!
I am so glad we decided to fly this year if we had driven like we usually do on vacation it would’ve taken 3 extra days. Our first flight left from Tulsa and connected to Denver where we had a 2-hour layover and some lunch before our connecting flight to San Fran. Flying is definitely something I’m not used to since I’ve only done it one other time in my life. The only negative was the pressure and having your ears pop. But the travel time was perfect.

We arrived in San Fran about 3:15 p.m. and we Ubered our way to our Airbnb (first time using an Uber!!) To get up to our house there were lots of stairs and I might’ve cried when carrying my heavy 41.6 lb suitcase up them.

Hungry, we decided to walk down to the main street of the Mission District (the area where we are staying) and we had some really good Mexican food at a place called La Taqueria. I had a chicken and chorizo taco and they were both delicious!!!
Walking down the busy, eclectic streets of the Mission District we came upon Clairon Alley. Clairon Alley is an alley full of a bunch of street art (correct me if that’s not the right phrase) and some of them are a little out there but it was really cool to see all the different works of art.

From there we picked up some Honey Lavender Ice Cream from a place called Bi-Rite. We took it to Dolores Park which overlooks the beautiful views of all the houses in San Francisco. The ice cream was definitely different but really, really good!

When we got to San Fransisco I think I had about 5,000 steps. Now I have 16,000 steps. I think we might just work off all the food we’re going to eat on this vacation! 

I’ll see you here tomorrow. Much love, Brianna.


Smoky Mountains: Day Eight

This post was written about July 5th, 2016. To see the rest of my series check out below (as this is the last one!)

Locations: Bryson City, NC

More Blueberry Ego Waffles were apart of today’s breakfast. To fancy it up I put Strawberry Cream Cheese, Strawberries, Bananas, and Blueberries on top. We hung around the house for about 2 hours until it was time to go…..Zip-lining! When we ate breakfast outside the mountains were showing with just a bit of clouds. About an hour later it started to rain and you couldn’t anything but the mountain close to us! It was crazy how it could change so fast!

Off to Zip-lining we went around 11:30. We were supposed to start at 12:30 but since of the rain and lightning  we waited about an extra hour (so worth it though!) Once the lightning  and rain cleared we suited up or geared up (you choose) to head out! I got a helmet with a GoPro mount so I could capture all the action and I am so glad I did! I was hesitant at first, not wanting to lose my expensive camera but all was well. We chose Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours to do our zip-lining at and they did a great job! They explained what you needed to do and let you practice, kept it fun on the course, and most of all kept everyone safe. Shout out to our 3 leaders: Barrett, Trae, and Kenneth!

When we first started on the course I was pretty nervous. When zip-lining you have the brake when you get about 3/4 of the way through. Getting the hang of it was not too bad though I did hit my legs on a platform my first time…(I have a bruise now). It was fun being high up and going fast down the lines. There were 13 lines and it took about 3 hours to complete. Also you MUST watch the video below because “GoPro is insane!!”

After zip-lining we came back into Bryson City for a sweet treat. Not having lunch I treated myself to a White Chocolate Caramel Apple (best ever!) at The Chocolate Shoppe and Ice Creamery. Before heading back to clean up we made reservation at The Cork & Bean in town for 6 so we would ensure ourselves a table.

The Cork & Bean for dinner was the best food EVER! The Cork & Bean is inside of an old hotel and the atmosphere is very inviting. To start our dinner off we ordered the Roasted Brussel Sprouts with bacon, sweet onions, shaved parmesan, and garlic aoili. The garlic aoili made the dish well-rounded with the right about of roasted with non-roasted ingredients. I got the Southwest Turkey Crepe which had Smoked Gouda, Avocado, Turkey, and Salsa. (have to try to remake it at home!). Both of my parents got The Duck & Andouille Etouffee which was something like a Cajun dish. For dessert my parents ordered the Lavender Crème Brûlée. For the longest time I’ve being seeing a coffee drink called a ‘Flat White’ around Instagram and Snapchat. I tried a Hazelnut Flat White out and it was so good! The only difference I can tell between that and a regular latte is that it’s not as strong. My brother got a Mocha Frappchunio (I think he swears by getting one of these any coffee place he goes).

Our last night at the house we watched the sunset and played some more cards.

This trip has let me experience lots of amazing views, try new things, eat lots of good food, and enjoy time with my family. Thank you to everyone who read my series Smoky Mountains! Stay tuned for more blog posts soon. Much love, Brianna.

Smoky Mountains: Day Seven

This post was written about July 4th, 2016. Check out my previous days below.

Locations: Bryson City, NC -> Great Smoky Mountains National Park -> Gatlinburg, TN -> Bryson City, NC

It’s Fourth of July and I am currently dressed in red, white, and blue because USA. Breakfast today was Blueberry Ego Frozen Waffles. Being a waffle and pancake snob they weren’t my favorite. But then again, I always make my waffles from scratch.

As we made our way to our first destination we stopped at got some boiled peanuts and pork rinds. YUM!

Traveling to get to where we want to go has been a big part of this trip. That being said, if the mountains weren’t here it would take half the time it does to get to certain places. Today we traveled to Clingmans Dome. Clingmans Dome is the highest point in the Great Smoke Mountain National Park at 6,643 feet. Usually the Dome offers views up to 100 miles but of course it was super cloudy today. Being so high up we were literally in the clouds. It was still cool though when the sun peeked through and you could catch a glimpse of the mountains through the clouds. At Clingmans Dome it’s about 20 degrees cooler than it would be down below. Today I think the temperature reached around 62 F. It felt like we were in Alaska and not in Tennessee!

Being pretty hungry we made our way to Gatlinburg, TN. We were going to eat at the Wild Plum Cafe but they were closed since it was the 4th. Instead we ate at The Smoky Mountain Brewery. Funny story, I brought along the July/August issue of my Food Network magazine and they did a piece on the top 5 most visited National Parks to celebrate the National Parks system turning 100 in August. The Brewery was recommended so we had to try it out! I got a Chicken Reuben with a side of Broccoli in Beer Cheese. I love the chicken version of the reuben because it was a lot lighter than normal and very tasty! The rest of my family split a pizza that was HUGE! All in all we enjoyed the good food.

Let me inform you on what we did next. We hiked about 2 miles of the Appalachian Trail. For those of you who don’t know what the Appalachian Trail is…it’s a 2,200 mile trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine. We got on the trail at the North Carolina and Tennessee border and saw some pretty views.

Heading back to Bryson City we saw some elk on the side of the road and lots of people stopping to take pictures! We also stopped in Cherokee and got a little sweet treat at Two Crows Ice Cream and Treatery. I got a scoop of Cappuccino Toffee Crunch and it was the perfect about of sweet with a little hint of coffee! My brother got a double scoop of the ‘Superman’, and my parents the Mint Chocolate Chip. I also snapped another picture of a painted bear that was in town because why not?

Before heading in to town to eat and watch the fireworks we came back to the house and rested up. I rolled my dirty clothes and took some Ibuprofen for my terrible headache that I had been battling all day. In other news, Kevin Durant signed with The Golden State Warriors and Kevin and I request that you respect our decision since we’re officially over.

We headed back into town for dinner. Wanting something quick we grabbed a meal from Bojangles. We parked in the grocery store parking lots and laid out blankets on the concrete. I’m sure we looked pretty funny. We played cards until the fireworks started and enjoyed the beautiful sunset as well.

Fireworks started around 9:55 and we stayed for about 20 minutes. We hightailed it out of there and not a complaint from me because I was exhausted! My favorite fireworks were the ones that were golden and looked like they were falling from the sky.

One day more! Much love, Brianna.